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5 Things Everyone Missed In 12 Minutes

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12 Minutes is the replayable, interactive point-and-click thriller, about a man trapped in a time loop. Once you enter the apartment and your wife approaches you, saying, “Hey there. I didn’t here you come in. Best night ever. Guess who made dessert,” you should be automatically engaged.

Stay tuned for the spoilers in the top-down-style game, 12 Minutes, if you never managed to play this video game. Or you could look up the 12 Minutes walkthrough online, uncovering how to successfully complete the game. Your wife beats around the bush, seated next to you on a couch, saying, “Okay. So, what if hypothetically, I had an affair?”

You (the protagonist) mention how if the hypothetical affair is over and is in the past, and not affecting you two, “why lob a grenade?” After asking, “Did you have an affair,” she says, “No. No. No. I shouldn’t have said that. I just… I did some things in the past. I made some mistakes. And those mistakes might not stay in the past.” 

Basically, your wife eventually asks, “You trust me” and you say, “Yes, yes, more than anyone.” Well, the long story short is that, while your wife is with you on a romantic evening, she reveals that she is pregnant, with a baby named Dahlia (named after your mother). 

Then, a police detective practically barges into your home, accusing her of murdering her father. You are brutally beaten, then returned to the same spot you originally were in. All because your wife’s father taught the police detective everything he knows, you will not feel capable of reasoning with him.

Decide on what order you can tell your wife things, leading you to find out personal information you should’ve known prior to the marriage. Often, the police detective seems to find a way of murdering your in-game wife, making you want to pop into the screen, and physically defend her. It is fine because time will repeat itself and you will uncover more details, to stop the future of events.

Eventually, you discover that your wife’s father slept with the nanny, discomforting her mother. Your wife’s father always had guns in the household and because he was abusive, she shot him. In reality, would you wholeheartedly accept your wife if she admitted to shooting her father?

Every time you play 12 Minutes, the more you learn (like how Dahlia is the same name as the nanny you barely know and that you are the man who killed your wife’s father). In other words, the nanny turns out to be your mother, so you married your sister. 

A further repulsive scenario is the protagonist continuing to passionately kiss his wife, after being aware that she is his sister, in the next time loop. It is your decision to stop obsessing over your sister. Use the knowledge of what events will come, changing the outcome. What is supposed to be irrevocable events are not and it is all up to you, to finally break the time loop. This is a list of 5 things everyone missed in 12 Minutes. 

5. Paintings Outside of The Lobby: 

Outside of the lobby, there are two hung paintings. The painting on the left reveals a bookshelf, with one book painted red. Later throughout 12 Minutes, you learn it is a red book, covering meditations, which is something your wife’s father enjoyed. On the right side, a picture of Dahlia, is visible.


4. Do Not Play To Win: 

Multiple endings are in 12 Minutes, but a secretive ending can be seen, by just not playing the game. 12 Minutes requires a set of choices and inputs. When you enter your apartment, do not move. At the ending, your wife sits you down to explain everything to you, which can be accomplished after deleting your save or through your first playthrough. 

3. The Flower:

In the main bedroom, the flower is immune to the time-loop. Keep watering the flower and regardless of how many time-loops, it will grow. Fail to water the plant and it will eventually die. Depending on how many endings you have unlocked, you can watch the flower produce three blooms.



2. Your Wife Is Humming: 

Once you first enter your apartment, your wife will be humming, reflecting the pregnancy news, she awaits to tell you. What exactly is she humming? That is right! She is humming a French nursery rhyme called, Frère Jacques. 

1. Trying To Cheat The System Is Pointless: 

After your first playthrough, rushing to your wife to tell her you know about the watch, will not benefit you. Your wife will just pretend like she does not know what it is. 

Bonus: The Surroundings:

To be fair, who would not begin to hallucinate if they were stuck in a time-loop? Look around your surroundings and objects are not how they used to look, after time-loops. The most noticeable objects that change are the paintings, symbolizing the protagonist’s mental state.

Bonus: Other Endings: 

Call Bumblebee before the police detective arrives and listen to the cop harm your wife, while hiding. Eventually handcuff the cop in another time-loop and interrogate him. 12 Minutes has multiple endings. 

Isaiah Joshua is an author and poet and has a love for video games. In May 2016, he graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema Arts and Science. As an avid gamer, some of his favorite games are "WWF No Mercy, Hitman, Manhunt, Sims 3, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. Conscious in gaming culture, he is always researching gaming history, as well as the latest games to write about.