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Outriders Is Arriving On April 1st



Square Enix. ©. 2021.

This may be a lousy April Fool’s joke, but April 1st is exactly when the upcoming, third-person shooter, RPG (role-playing game), “Outriders,” will be released. Your discovery is on the alien planet, Enoch and you are searching for a mysterious signal. 

Developed by ”People Can Fly” and published by “Square Enix,” “Outriders” will be available for “PS4 (Playstation 4),” “PS5 (Playstation 5),” “Xbox One,” “Xbox Series X/ S,” “Microsoft Windows,” and “Stadia.” Get ready for some aggressive gunplay scenarios while using your superpowers to annihilate enemies. 

Multiplayer Mode: 

In this 1-3 player, co-op, RPG (role-playing game), there are endless gear modifications, so you probably won’t be falling asleep. It is your choice to create and customize your own “Outriders,” choosing from 1 out of 4 claimed, unique classes to obliterate your enemy. 

There is available cross-playing where no matter what game platform your friends play “Outriders” on, you can enjoy the experience with them. That includes “Steam” as a different platform you can remotely play with your friends. 

Outriders: This Is Outriders Official Trailer | Square Enix Presents


The “Outriders” demo showcases the demo of the video game. You can complete side missions. 

Those that survived the exposure to the massive energy storm, “The Anomaly” (during their search for a mysterious signal) are altered with superpowers. In layman’s terms, Enoch’s inhabitants and the colonists gain superpowers. 

Like the “Outriders” trailer show, for some survivors, they are pyromancers, tricksters, devastators, and technomancers. 

With the ability of pyromancy, they can manipulate explosive and volcanic energy with waves of relentless flames. Tricksters can manipulate the existence of time and space, eliminating enemies by surprise. Devastators have groundbreaking, brute strength and can unleash seismic attacks. Technomancers can use turrets and other devices. 

Outriders Demo - Official Launch Trailer

One thing to point out is that the heroic team have a cool down time for their skills, combined with other skills for maximum effect. Although you have overwhelming abilities to defy the laws of reality, you can conveniently use shotguns and assault rifles. Another thing to point out is a vendor is in the game, where you can purchase your own armor.

What would those with superpowers need weapons for? To get the job done  faster is probably the answer. Each time you evolve in the game, you will unlock more abilities, exclusive to each of the four classes. Would you rather summon a stoned spike through your enemies spine, burn your victims, slice them up, or use ammunition?

Your firearms can be customized with weapon mods. Shield yourself from attacks by hiding behind objects. Fight off humans and increasingly powerful monsters. 

With 3 hours of cinematic gameplay, there is addictive combat action where each player has their own skill tree, allowing them to unlock and upgrade their skills. If you are squeamish to blood, then this game may not suit you. Lovers of this game should not turn into bloodthirsty dictators in one day.

Outriders - Official Gameplay Overview | Square Enix Presents 2021


You can pre-order “Outriders” to receive the “Hell’s Rangers Content Pack,” where the offer is time limited to pre-order only. 

The “Hell’s Rangers Content Pack includes: 

The Hell’s Ranger’s male and female gear sets

The Hell’s Ranger’s arsenal of 11 unique guns

The Hell’s Ranger’s truck mods and decals

Well, in “Outriders,” the players can communicate to non-playable characters, which is not too unsatisfying. You can determine the outcome of some conversations with a dialogue tree appearing in cutscenes. 

Okay. Once you get your hands on this game, it is highly expected that you as a gamer will be cheating. Maybe you will be cheating on “Steam.” There will be a roller coaster of emotions from seeing an overpowered cheater, ranging from rage, jealousy, sadness, and joy. 

With 600 legendary weapons the cheater has, you may find yourself upset, even if the player is on your team. It would be like a predictable ending to a movie, but only a local nerd already blurted out the ending. 

Find yourself cheating and you may get banished, heading to “Cheater Hell,” where cheaters are matchmade with other cheaters. This mode influences others to never cheat. After the long process of “Cheater Hell,” you may want to play solo. 

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