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XF Extreme Formula: Everything We Know

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XF Extreme Formula

F-Zero, a revolutionary futuristic racing game, debuted on the Super NES in 1990. Featuring lightning-fast racers, vehicular combat, and an unending adrenaline rush, it paved the way for a new sub-genre of sci-fi arcade racing games whose influence can still be felt today. The latest title that falls into its class, XF Extreme Formula, is an F-Zero-inspired racing game that aims to resurrect the sci-fi arcade racer in the modern era. However, with many questions still unanswered, we thought it was time to delve into XF Extreme Formula and learn everything there is to know about the upcoming title. So if you're itching to learn more about the game, read on to find out!

What is XF Extreme Formula?

XF Extreme Formula

Developed by Feperd Games, XF Extreme Formula is a single-player futuristic arcade racing game. Therefore, it doesn't feature Ferrari's or McLaren's. Instead, its racing stems from that of hoverjets, which are a “hybrid between hovercrafts, super-sonic jets, and rockets.”

In comparison to other racing games, these hoverjets reach unrivaled speeds and should provide you with one of the most satisfying adrenaline rushes available in the genre. Nonetheless, now that you have a general idea of the game, let's get into the story.


XF Extreme Formula

According to the XF Extreme Formula Steam page, you are racing “in the great XF Extreme Formula championship! Taking place in the year 3000, you will tour t(h)rough the solar system proving you’re worthy of the title of champion.” Although we have one goal in mind: to win the championship, there are other elements to the story, such as the opportunity to interact with other XF Extreme drivers and learn more about the sport of hoverjet racing.

Regardless, while there is a dedicated story mode, the game's backbone is the high-octane racing gameplay. So continue reading to find out what that entails.


XF Extreme Formula

On top of the story mode, XF Extreme Formula will include a single race mode, tournament mode, time attack mode, and arcade mode. As a result, there are numerous ways to enjoy the game. Or, on the other hand, practice if you aren't quite at the status of champion racer yet.

From the screenshots, we know that races will consist of 31 participants. Therefore, there will be a lot of competition on the sci-fi tarmac and the only way around them is to bully or boost your way past. That leads us to XF's vehicles. We're not sure of the number right now, but there are preset vehicles to choose from. While we suspect that customizing your own hoverjet will be a key feature in the game, we cannot confirm whether or not it will be included as of yet.

In any case, each vehicle in the game will play differently. With different weights, stability, turning boosting, and aspects that define your hoverjet's race style. That is why you should not dismiss XF as a mundane racing game with only driving and boost. Aside from hoverjet stats, there is a slew of other variables that influence your racing, such as over-boost, engine temperature, and so on.

There are also other variables that come into with space races, such as how your hoverjet will behave without gravity. Overall, the game is much more complex than you think. And becoming a true XF champion will necessitate a steep learning curve.


XF Extreme Formula is being developed by Feperd Games. The developer is best known for their 3D action platformer series Spark the Electric Jester. Despite the fact that that series is quite different than what you're getting with XF, you can see the crossover between games and why the studio is a good fit for a sci-fi racer of this nature. The game currently has a Steam page and, most recently, an announcement trailer (embedded below). So it appears that they're putting the finishing touches on XF, as all we're waiting for now is a release date.


XF Extreme Formula - Announcement Trailer

Here is the recently released XF Extreme Formula announcement trailer. Despite being an announcement trailer, it's six minutes long and packed with gameplay. As a result, you can practically consider it a gameplay trailer as it covers everything there is to know about hoverjet mechanics and so on. Nonetheless, take a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

To round out this XF Extreme Formula coverage, here are the game's release date, platforms, and editions. To begin, there is no release date for XF yet. That being said, it looks like the game is well underway and just putting the finishing touches on. With that in mind, we believe the game will release in late 2023 or early 2024. However, that's purely speculation. To add to that, in terms of platforms, we only know that XF will be available on PC via Steam.

Aside from that, we don't know of any other game editions releasing aside from the standard one. That being said, who knows what DLC content might arrive later on down the road. Other than that, stay posted to as we'll keep you updated on further details of XF Extreme Formula when they come out. In the meantime, check out these other racing games to help tie you over until XF releases.

So, what's your take? Are you excited about XF Extreme Formula? Will you be picking up a copy when it releases? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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