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Xbox Games With Gold: March 2021 Freebies Revealed



Last month, we were able to get our hands on the classic Resident Evil remake, as well as Gears 5, Lost Planet 2, and a couple of other noteworthy hits. So, a pretty solid month for subscribers to the Xbox service. Only, February left an even bigger space for March, where gamers were hoping for an even bolder pack of freebies. Sadly, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

March is upon us, which means Xbox is finally serving up next month’s roster of free games. Although, it’s hardly worth taking note of, as shown by the rather one-sided dislike bar on the official YouTube reveal. That being said, we love a few free games, and we can’t complain about four more for our collection, either. It’s just that, well — it’s not quite the impressive launch we all expected.

Xbox - March 2021 Games with Gold

So, what can we expect?

Warface: Breakout — March 1st – March 31st

Metal Slug 3 — March 1st – March 15th

Vicious Attack Llama Apocolypse — March 16th – April 15th

Port Royale 3 — March 16th – March 31st

According to the header of the March reveal, the four games combined add up to a whopping $64.96. That is, of course, if all games were purchased direct from shelves in pristine condition. However, seeing as many of these games are no longer in circulation in actual stores — it’s hard to imagine finding any of the above games in a new state. But, you know — they’re free.

You can download the whole bundle over the course of March on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Just be sure to renew that Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and you’re good to go. Let’s just hope that Microsoft opts for some more favourable titles in the April selection. That dislike bar isn’t looking too great, you know?

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