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Why Should We Wait For Forspoken Next Year



Square Enix. © Mar. 18, 2021.

When “Forspoken” gets released, get ready to shout like your controller broke or shout like you are missing out on the next big thing. The RPG (role-playing game) “Forspoken” is in development by “Luminous Productions” (founded by the ‘Square Enix Group’).

While “Forspoken” may sound like the video game, “Forsaken,” (released in 1998) there is a difference. Unlike “Forspoken,” “Forsaken” is a 3D first-person shooter. There is even a “Forsaken Remastered” (which was released in July 31, 2018). This highly anticipated video game will be available for 2022 on the following platforms: “PS5 (Playstation 5)” and “Microsoft Windows.” Since “Sony” has the exclusive on the console, that is too bad for “Xbox One” and “Nintendo Switch.” Would it make you feel better if I told you “Sony” revealed that “Forspoken” is only a PlayStation 5 console for 24 months? 

Forspoken - Official Extended Cut Announcement Trailer (4K)

Game Development: 

“Forspoken” was previously known by the name “Project Athia,” which is an upcoming fantasy/adventure. The game’s first trailer was presented by “Sony” at the “PS5″ reveal event on June 11, then when “Square Enix’s Spring Showcase” came around, we heard about the the real title and additional details. 

Frey, the main character (an athletic hero who can run fast and leap great distances) is played by British actress Ella Balinska in an open world/adventure set in a fantasy world. An enthusiastic Ella describes the character as “a girl who lost her way – both figuratively and literally.” The playable character, as seen in the dramatic looking trailer can cross canyons by hopping between rocks. The smallest details of grass is visible flying in mid-air when she jumps. Go up against enemies like what appears to be a large eye, a dragon, and a giant. 

Forspoken Trailer 4K (New Open World RPG Game PS5 2022)

The 4K trailer is just enough reason to get your adrenaline pumping. Frey approaches a three wolf-like enemies (where pieces of orange light is shown through them). With an already impressive ability to sprint across the place like she should have tried out for the “NBA (National Basketball Association)” or “MLR (Major League Rugby),” Frey can summon roots from the ground. In the trailer, (as you can see) once she summons roots from the ground, the roots get rid of one of the wolves. 

The writer of “Forspoken” is Gary Whitta (who has written for games like ‘Prey’). In “Forspoken,” be sure to expect dense forests, snowy peaks, and monsters that breathe fire. There is a strong chance that you (as Frey) will be in the natural world, fighting off enemies. 

Why We Should Wait Next Year:

I know the feeling. You see a week put together trailer with the extended cut and you are not looking forward to any disappointments. A Good reason to be ready for “Forspoken” is that it will be a story-led game, is highly detailed from fighting off various creatures, to using what appears like a force-field manipulation, and to summoning roots from the ground. We already saw the fantastic trailer, so just imagine what other elements the development team may add by next year.

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