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Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Viper

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Viper



In Valorant, Viper is a controller, making use of her abilities to dominate terrain, causing damage and, mainly, taking away the sight of her enemies. The character can easily create offensive and defensive plays, managing to invade, and also defend, bombers very effectively. Mastering each agent’s mechanics is fundamental to varying your playing style, confusing your rival, and winning more and more victories.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Viper

Viper, character of Valorant. (Image: Riot Games)

Originating in the United States, Viper makes use of several toxic devices in combat. The character has a poison tank, which serves as fuel for the use of her abilities. It regenerates automatically, as long as none of its emitters are active. In addition, it has two features to block the view of other players, a molotov and its ultimate, which creates a chemical cloud around the agent. Check out some tips below to maximize the effectiveness of Viper in Valorant, Riot Games’ FPS.

Skills and tips

Poison Cloud (Q) – Cost: $ 200

Viper’s smoke. Press Q to equip a gas emitter, and fire to throw the device at the target location. After being placed on the ground, press the Q again to create a gas cloud, which blocks players’ view but drains fuel. The ability can be activated and deactivated several times during the round, as long as Viper has a supply for such actions. The device can be retracted, even if it has already been used, to be repositioned.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Viper

Poison Cloud blocks players’ view. (Image: Valorant)

  • By having unique mechanics within the game, Viper manages to diversify his attacks and defenses a lot. Use Poison Cloud to take away your opponents’ vision and try to position yourself in other locations. Even if you run out of fuel, just wait a few seconds to be able to activate the ability again. In this way, the enemy player will have little information about the area that he has no vision. Take advantage of this by gaining more space on the map.
  • Use the device in corridors, doors and entrances, inhibiting the advance of the rival team.
  • It is possible to use Poison Cloud in synergy with Snake Venom. Use the Viper Q and position the C slightly ahead. If the rival team tries to cross the toxic curtain, they will be surprised by the poison’s damage.

Toxic Curtain (E) – Cost: Free

It works similarly to the Poison Cloud. Press E to equip gas emitters and fire to launch a long row of devices. Press E again to activate the ability, creating a high toxic wall. Like your Q, Toxic Curtain drains fuel, but can be repeated several times in the round.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Viper

Toxic curtain can reach high places. (Image: Valorant)

  • Stay tuned to the map. When selecting the skill, the map shows the straight line that the devices will occupy. Visualize well where the emitters will fall, positioning in the best possible way.
  • Abuse the ability to defend and attack. On the defensive side, prevent the rival advance with the curtain, trying to use the gas in long passages and corridors. On the offensive side, try to use E to block the view on the bombsite. That way, your team will be able to get in easier.
  • It is possible to use Toxic Curtain in high places, such as windows and stairs. Use this mechanic to block these points of view.
  • Even if you obstruct your opponents’ view, never turn your back on the curtain. Some enemy may try to surprise you, bypassing the skill. Keep your attention to avoid surprises.

Snake Venom (C) – Cost: $ 100

The character’s molotov. Press C to equip a chemical projectile, and use the fire button to launch it at the target location. Upon reaching the ground, the cylinder breaks, creating a poisonous area, which causes damage and slows enemies.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Viper

Snake poison causes damage and slows down in an area. (Image: Valorant)

  • Snake venom breaks only in contact with the ground. Do not expose yourself to use the skill, try to shoot at walls so that the projectile reaches the desired area, preventing you from being hit while launching the cylinder.
  • Try to use C in places where there may be hidden enemies. This way, you make them look for another position, making it easier to gain ground and get kills.
  • In situations where Spyke is planted for your team, seek protection and wait for the opponent to try to disarm. Shoot Snake Venom in the bomb area, causing the rival to move. This can earn valuable seconds for your team to win the round.

Venomous Pit (X) – Cost: seven points of Ultimate

One of the best ultimates in the game, capable of generating very favorable situations for the character. Creates a toxic cloud in all directions around Viper, decreasing the field of view, maximum hit points and damaging players within it. The skill lasts 15 seconds with the agent outside, and is not disabled while she is inside.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Viper

Viper’s ultimate produces a chemical cloud that gives the agent advantages. (Image: Valorant)

  • Use the ability after planting Spyke. With dominance in the bomb area, any enemy who tries to enter the pit will have a major disadvantage against Viper. With more life and a larger field of vision in relation to your opponents, just position yourself well to eliminate each rival who tries to defuse the bomb.
  • Likewise, the ultimate can be used for Spyke’s disarm situations. Try to approach the bombsite and activate Poço Peçonhento. After that, combine your other skills to gain advantages on the map and seek the eliminations necessary to successfully disable the bomb.
  • Confuse your opponent. Use venomous pit and get out of it. Listen to the opponent’s movement, return to the toxic cloud and protect yourself. Do this intelligently, repeat the process and collect kills from inattentive enemies.

By being able to control terrain effectively, Viper is able to stand out in an offensive and defensive manner. Her skill kit makes it possible for the agent to progress on the map, taking enemies out of position and blocking the view at bombtops’ coverage and connection points. Likewise, it manages to stop the opponent’s advance, causing damage in the area and obstructing the rival defense. Knowing how to make the most of the agent’s versatility, using your skills in synergy with your allies, will facilitate your path to triumph.

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