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Teardown is a game that significantly emphasizes both its physics system, as well as player planning. Meticulously planning out your heists as a player can really make the difference between succeeding and failing within the game. This is great, as it pushes players to think about their actions more. And how to put their well-laid plans into action. The physics-based destruction system in the game pretty much means that any and all material in the game is free to be broken or destroyed. This gives the game's levels a large amount of adaptability and lets players accomplish their goals in a number of ways. And while it may not have the name recognition of a more prominent title. The technology that went into creating such a sophisticated destruction system is a beauty to behold. With that being said, here is Teardown: Everything We Know.

What is Teardown?

Teardown is a game that significantly utilizes the Voxel physics system. It does this in order to bring what is, by far, the most thorough destruction available on the market today. Utilizing Voxel does this by allowing for each of the models within the game to be altered in a number of ways, with each structure acting as a physical object within the game world. This serves not only to give the game a distinct art style and look. But also allows much more freedom in terms of the game's physics-based destruction.

First, in the context of Teardown, these are applied to create a number of options for the player to explore. In Teardown, players must pull off grand heists, which will require the player to use their puzzle-solving skills, coupled with the game's destruction, in order to succeed. Second, the game frames this in such a way that all of the game's systems blend together perfectly. And lastly, players must make their grand escape after capturing all f the goodies from various locations within the game's levels. This gives the game a great sense of replayability and rewards the player for learning the layouts of locations within the game.


First, the story for Teardown is one that is primarily player-driven. While there are bits of reason given to the player as to why they are nabbing items. That hardly is the point of the game. However, through the game's emergent gameplay, players can create their own stories and grand heists within the game. This freedom is really refreshing and speaks to the open-ended nature of Teardown. While the game does feature a campaign, most of the fun to be had within the game is through player exploration and expression using the game's systems. However, the campaign for the game is a hefty forty missions which are sure to keep players intrigued.

In Teardown's campaign mode, players will play as someone who, under financial stress, has been hired by questionable sources to get by. This is great and serves as a serviceable motivation within the game. Players will be able to hone their destruction skills and make their way through the game, upgrading their arsenal of weapons. This, in turn, will allow players to cause more mayhem within the game. While no one will accuse the story of Teardown of being incredibly deep. It serves as a nice framing for the game's destruction.


Now in this section, the gameplay is where Teardown absolutely shines. This game allows players to embrace their creativity in ways similar to games like Minecraft. To begin, players will be able to plan out their heists as meticulously as they want or as bombastic as they want. There are no right or wrong answers within the game as long as the objective is secured. Next, players will venture out to varied levels in order to steal various items that are being holed up within buildings. Again, this will cause the player to embrace their creativity as they search for ways inside these buildings.

While it might not be the most amazing driving force, the gameplay really speaks for itself. The simple act of destroying various environments around you in a way that feels satisfying is, in a word, great. There are many challenges that can be undertaken in the game, and the PC version of the game even includes modding, meaning limitless possibilities. There are a number of tools for players to use in their endeavors as well. Each of these weapons adds its own sense of flair and variety to the experience as a whole.

There is also a sandbox mode for those players who simply want to destroy. This gives makes the world of Teardown your playground and feels fantastic to experiment in. Of course, that isn't all the game has to offer either, but simply a glimpse at the untapped potential that Teardown allows players to experience and be a part of. To close, this game is one that has almost infinite possibilities for fun and is a title that players should definitely check out.


The developers over at Tuxedo Labs certainly know what they're doing when it comes to Teardown. This game manages to push what is possible for players to experience within their virtual worlds. It manages to accomplish this through its superb implementation of the Voxel-based destruction system. If this is what is possible for the game at a base level. Then more is sure to come out of this studio. The game is currently being ported over to PlayStation 5, which will do a great job of introducing it to another pool of players. It is hoped that this developer will create more games that push technology forward in the future.


The trailer for the game perfectly captures the bombastic nature of the gameplay. While also showing the bit of planning it takes to accomplish a mission successfully. This does a great job of showing what the game is excellent at open-ended unparalleled destruction. All in all, if the trailer is any indication of what PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S owners can expect, then they are in for quite a treat.

Release Date, Editions, Platforms

Primarily existing on PC currently, Teardown is being ported over to the PlayStation 5. And the Xbox Series X|S, which is sure to make a splash when it releases. Regarding editions and additional platforms, there are no plans to add more or additional platforms beyond those mentioned. So, for now, we will simply enjoy Teardown on PC while we eagerly await its console releases.

So, what's your take on Teardown: Everything We Know? Are you excited to learn more about this title? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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