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Rocket League: 10 Best Cars of 2022, Ranked

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Sporting with rocket cars was once a dream that seemed too far-fetched. However, the ”Psyonix” took the vision and created a piece that is worth reckoning. By offering a wide variety of cars, Rocket League establishes a platform to showcase your personality.

In Rocket League, cars are everything. They determine your success in the game, and can make or break a match. That's why it's important to know which cars are the best in the game.In this article we will look at 10 best cars of 2022 in Rocket League, ranked.


10. Takumi 

Takumi Rocket league

The Takumi model is an Octane body type of car available after completing several matches. Once you get access to the vehicle, you should not rethink choosing it. The car offers a perfect blend of the Dominus and Hybrid types while maintaining the Octane characteristics. Merging the explicit body types gives Takumi a taller hitbox, magnificent air performance, and balanced controls.

The elevation and nose projection in Takumi makes it a suitable choice when playing in hoops mode. Its adjustable feature also makes it perfect for covering large distances on air. The car also has a smooth and steady sensation to enhance driving controls.


9. The Fennec

The Fennec

The Fennec falls within the Octane hitbox but borrows some aspects from Dominus and Merc. A combination that makes The Fennec a powerful pick. If you need a car that requires a strong element of turns, The Fennec, dubbed “The Beast”, is your best pick.

The Fennec inhibits a shape that makes it great for movement. The Octane hitbox gives it ease of use and ball-hitting capability with the beast-like features making it perfect for turns and handling.


8. Marauder


Courtesy: [Microsoft]

Whenever you consider playing defense, the Marauder is your best pick. This model has been developed with the most remarkable features of the Octane body type. However, it has a bulky shape that makes it strong where power is needed.

Unlike the original Octane type, The Marauder has a large body surface area. This aspect makes it perfect to be a goalkeeper. That is, with Marauder, you can cover a wider area span to stop goals from going into your side.


7. Mantis

Mantis rocket league

This Plank car is also suitable for defense positions on ground level. The car can cover more area to facilitate comprehensive defense with an extended structure. The other advantage this car gives you is that it has a slim design. This slimness allows for smooth and easy maneuvers. 

With Mantis, you can only achieve flips through jumps, making it perfect for mid-air performance. However, the ideal form of the car boosts it for scoring goals. Mantis gives you the best performance in shooting and passing, making it your best choice when playing on the offensive side.


6. Endo

Endo is genuinely the best choice in the Hybrid hitbox. With a sleek outlook, Endo gives an excellent performance rating. It has a long and rounded shape that works perfectly on mid-air handling resulting in power charge ups.  

This hybrid version employs a perfect combination of the Dominus and the Octane, making it even stronger in the field. One thing you can't get enough of is the magnificent swirls Endo gives you while on air.


5. Aftershock

To have the best handling car in the Rocket League, go for the Aftershock. While the Dominus type has a small and bulky make that suits it for easy switches, Aftershock has a magnificent high speed complemented by its massive build to attain solid and flawless turns.

The small powerhouse provides a great offensive mechanism, which comes in handy in scoring. Do not be thrown off by its punitive make; this car is a must-have if you want to reek of excellence.


4. Breakout


Breakout is an excellent choice for beginners, offering magnificent speed and friendly mobility. Among the three default cars (Octane, Merc, and Breakout), Breakout is perfect for accurate and reliable shots.

Most players who play with Breakout love the car because it is perfect for front-of-the-line goal shots, dibbling, and gliding. Breakout is also ideal for ground level plays in both casual to competitive games. 


3. Batmobile

Rocket League Batmobile

Want to control the ball, aim accurate and powerful shots, and have comprehensive ground coverage? Then Batmobile is the beast you need.

The Batmobile falls in the same hitbox as Plank. The model is well known to deliver pro-dribbling experience. It has an incredibly slim and flat layout accompanied by a mega speed. The model's shape makes it easy to use during turns and maneuvers both on the ground and air.

Players with advanced skills often choose this type due to the car's extensive leverage. 


2. Dominus

The second most popular vehicle in high-level Rocket League games is the Dominus. The model provides the best action both for ground and air level performance. It is a fantastic choice in playing either the defense or the offense sides.

The physical make of the car makes it best for a dribbling flight, and sharp corner turns. Dominus has a large surface area, making it practical for hitting and controlling the ball during playtime.


1. Octane

Rocket lEAGUE Octane

The most popular car in Rocket League is the Octane. This default car is suitable to all players; both new and professionals. It's a well-rounded car that's good for both attacking and defending.

Its speed, agility, and jump height make it an ideal car for quickly moving around the pitch and taking shots on goal. But its stability also makes it a good car to use for defending your goal against opposing players.

So if you're looking for a versatile car that can do well in both offensive and defensive situations, then the Octane is definitely the car for you.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our list? Which is your favorite Rocket League Car? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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