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PS5 Users Selling Exclusive PS Collection to PS4 Owners Face Serious Consequences



One of the many exclusive features that Sony offers PS5 owners is the rather impressive catalogue of games with its PS Collection. With its mouthwatering library of twenty triple-A titles; PS Plus subscribers are able to soak up thousands of hours over a nostalgic run through some of the greatest works produced to date. However, it seems that some sly folk are exploiting these perks for a quick buck.

Sony has reported fraudulent activity over the course of the last week; with a large amount of PS5 owners logging in to third-party PS4 consoles and downloading the entire PS Collection. It has even been noted that some users are going as far as charging hundreds for the collection on various auction platforms.

For people who want access to the games and only have a PS4 and no access to a PS5,” one eBay listing reads. “I’ll log in with my PS5 with your details, add the games and deactivate. Upon purchase, I highly advise creating a temporary password and then creating a new one when it’s done.”

The PS Collection is free to PS Plus subscribers.

Since the loophole came to light, Sony has started to knuckle down on any suspicious activity; going as far as banning any involved users for two months. One Twitter user has even mentioned “thousands” of local PSN accounts being banned for the exploitation of the offer.

Sony is yet to confirm whether or not the PS Collection will become available on the PS4 in the future. However, after this betrayal, it’ll likely force Sony to tighten their grip.

The PlayStation 5 is available to buy worldwide, with the PS Plus Collection free to all PS Plus subscribers.

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