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Phil Spencer, the CEO Among Highest Xbox Playtime in 2023



It is evident that Microsoft Gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, knows how to strike a balance between work and leisure!

Phil Spencer Xbox Gameplay Hours

During the review of Xbox in 2023 on December 13, 2023, records emerged that Phil Spencer has spent 917 hours, which is approximately 23 working weeks. The Xbox CEO left an impeccable trail, earning him a spot in all the titles he fully immersed himself in.

In the review, Phil has surely developed a sense of passion for Starfield by Bethesda. This year, he spent a total of 148 hours in the game, making it his highest gaming record for the year. Coming in closely behind is Blizzard's Diablo 4. With this title as his second rating, Phil has recorded 143 hours of gameplay this year. Finally, but not least, he spent 124 hours in Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition.

With these records, the CEO has managed to be among the top 10% of active players at Starfield. In Diablo 4, his rank falls among the top 20% of active players, unlocking more than half of his achievements.

Setting his gameplay hours aside, Phil Spencer also shared a list of impeccable milestones in his gaming adventures. One of the aspects that has really stood out is his build in Diablo 4. In the game, the CEO traced his way through different levels until landing at the 100th level.

Any Other Games for Phil Spencer this Year?

While Starfield and Diablo 4 are listed as his most played, the CEO has played more games in 2023. Phil Spence has played 82 games this year. These games, tallied together, have won him a total of 382 achievements.

Phil Spencer has been known to put his effort into gaming. However, what we might all want to know is how he does it. Although, as passionate gamers, we get the essence of his time creation.

So, what’s your take? How do you think Phil Spencer does it all? What are your hours this year? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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