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Patron Has A New Patch of Requested Features For Update 1.050.0



Epic Games now has new ownership, buying Fuser studio Harmonix (also known as the Rock Band and Guitar Hero creator). Harmonix joining the Epic Games family should not interfere with Fuser events. New Rock Band instruments are not planned, but Rock Band DLC (downloadable content) releases will continue into next year. 

Confirmed also by Harmonix, the VR rhythm shooter game, Audica, will remain on Steam. Harmonix said, “Our team will work with Epic to create musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite. While we’re not ready to share any specifics, the whole team is incredibly excited to get started.”


Epic Games acquires ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Fuser’ creator, Harmonix

Patron Has A New Patch of Requested Features: 

The medieval city-building game with a social dynamics system, has a patch full of community-requested features. Patron launched to in August this year, receiving patches in a timely manner.

On update 1.050.0 is based on your “input and suggestions” Overseer (Patron’s developer) says via a Steam blog post.

You will have the option of manually placing your starting Town Hall anywhere on the map. Developers made adjustments to resource management and house maintenance. Now, in 40 in-game years, houses can deteriorate over time, so what you must do is refurbish them. New hints and notifications are available for the ease of players, which means you do not have to think too much for your overused light bulb to flash in your head. Included with update 1.050.0 are visual tweaks (like wild wildfire aftermath and terrain vegetation & terrain improvements). 

A full list of changes: 

  • Manual placement of the Town Hall anywhere on any map, in the very start
  • Added visuals for smoldering ruins in the aftermath of fire disasters
  • In 40 in-game years, houses now deteriorate with time and need refurbishing
  • Added notification when some resource is not delivered as a result of worker shortage
  • Added more useful hints to icons above citizens and buildings
  • Additional worker AI improvements
  • People resting in houses will emerge faster once job appears in the vicinity
  • Bug with luxury resource stacking in some houses is now fixed
  • Added new vegetation on several maps
  • Terrain improvements on several maps
  • Beautification hedges are placed when you stretch them and not by individually clicking each segment
  • Further optimizations regarding pathfinding

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