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The Unreleased Nintendo Game Boy Color That We Never Got To Play



Have you heard about the unreleased, first-party Nintendo Game Boy Color, with extra features? The following extra features are on this Game Boy Color: web browsing, live television, sports headlines, weather reports, email capabilities, and the ability to send selfies with the Game Boy camera. 

This handheld device, which would have been called a Page Boy, was featured in a new episode of DidYouKnowGaming (where Liam Robertson is the host). Robertson covered how Eddie Gill (the founder of Source Research and Development and the creator of Workboy) started the project.


Page Boy: Nintendo's LOST Game Boy Add-on | Game History Secrets

Workboy (is a cancelled, peripheral device, specifically for the original Game Boy), that inspired Gill to create a similar device. Inspirations do not always go as planned, the way are creativity flows in our head.

If the Workboy was released, you would probably have one beautifully displayed in your closet, along with your appealing video game collection. The handheld device would have included an address book, world clock, the ability to perform currency conversions, and more.

The Rejected Page Boy: 

Along with Eddie Gill, his brother, Christopher, formed a group called Wizard. The system would lack wi-fi, but use radio waves. Gill called Frank Ballouz (a former Nintendo director, overseeing the production of Workboy) to get the idea ahead of Nintendo. 

In 1999, Nintendo pitched the idea to Nintendo, showing physical models, commissioned from a company called Sirius Modelmaking. Page Boy would have a feature, called Ask Mario (a search engine) and while users waited for search results, Mario would talk to them and whistled the theme from World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.. I do not know about you, but instead of focusing on an ordinary Google search engine on computers, how about incorporating the idea of Ask Mario? It is fine, because our modern alternative to Google, is the good, old DuckDuckGo. 

Page Boy would have a device called Game Boy TV, allowing Nintendo to release new announcements about upcoming video games. Handheld device would have been $50, affordable for many gamers.  Nintendo researched this concept for three years before giving up on it, in 2002, because the technology would have been limited to North America. Let us know your feelings on the unreleased Page Boy, on’s Twitter. 

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