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New Game Coming: PlayStation London Studio Making an Online PS5 Exclusive Game

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Sony's London Studio is looking for new talent to work on its next game, which will be an online PlayStation 5 exclusive, according to the company.

The studio listed a number of recent job postings in an announcement on Twitter. The business is looking to form a new team to develop an online PlayStation 5 game. The studio most recently launched VR exclusive Blood & Truth.

“We're building a team from the ground up for an upcoming PlayStation 5 online game,” reads a statement from the studio's Twitter account. “New starters will join at the perfect time to get involved in shaping our plans for a project we are exceptionally excited about!”

The tweet also included a link to the London Studio hiring page. The studio advertised a variety of professions ranging from lead character artists, level designers to lead programmers and producers. The studio did not divulge. much information about the game's specifics. However, the tweet and job listings emphasize the game's online component

The studio has kept the project's details under wraps for the time being. However, it says in a subsequent tweet that it “can't wait to show the world” what it has in store. An ideal candidate will assist the company “in developing a wide spectrum of characters, skins, creatures, weapons, and gear.”

This is according to an advertisement for the post of senior character artist on the team. However, because that statement applies to a wide range of recent games, it provides little useful information.

Despite the lack of more gameplay details, the job posting provides a number of additional hints to the game's breadth. The role offers a “once in a lifetime opportunity to be at the core of developing and bringing to life the next PlayStation icon/s,” according to the description. The successful candidate will be handling a variety of AAA art content.


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