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Netflix Announces Three New Mobile Games



Netflix, the renowned streaming service, is once again branching into the video gaming industry with three new mobile games. One of these games is Netlfix's first mobile FPS offering, the first of its kind.

The new FPS, Into The Dead 2: Unleashed, has yet to get an official release date but is likely to arrive shortly. The runner/shooter hybrid is a zombie survival game where you fight off hordes of zombies and cross treacherous terrain. The game's chapters expand, introducing players to different environments including oil fields, military outposts, and even burning woods. It may sound mundane, but based on the in-game screenshots thus far, the game appears to have a lot to offer.



Two More Inspired Titles

This Is A True Story, was made in collaboration with Charity: Water to highlight the real-world issue of people who can't access clean and safe drinking water. The title is no clickbait either, as the puzzle game is actually based on a true story. Over the last several years, charity: waters have documented interviews and experiences of several Sub-Saharan African woman's daily struggles to access clean drinking water.

The other title, Shatter Remastered is a classic brick-breaking game with some retro inspiration. The game is actually an updated, remastered version of the award-winning 2003 title, Shatter for PlayStation 3. The game is a bit more in-depth than a simple brick breaker and will include power-ups, special attacks, and even boss battles. Not only that but accompanying it is 90 minutes of original electornic-style music.

All of these titles seem far from throwaways and really appear to be delivered with some meaningful inspiration to them. This is refreshing to see a platform not just looking for a money grab and actually have a solid incentive to their games. As far as how they play out, well, you will have to download and find out!


So which of the three new titles are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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