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5 Best Xbox Exclusives Of All Time, Ranked



Microsoft has made some major moves to dominate the gaming industry recently, buying out major studios Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard. From this, we can safely assume that there will be a range of future Xbox exclusives that will be the envy of other console owners. But until these titles are released, there is a long list of Xbox exclusives that are already solid fun and well worth a revisit. Nostalgia isn't the only attractive factor behind these titles; to this day they each hold up well with new releases.


5. Sea of Thieves

One of the latest titles to be added as an Xbox exclusive, its unique and frankly mischief filled voyages make this a definite choice. Sea of Thieves will fulfil every need you didn't know you had when it comes to sailing the seas, being a pirate and of course—shanties. That's not all it has in store, with an adventure-packed open-world, there's almost too much to do. The ocean is teeming with skeleton pirates and giant beasties, islands containing dungeons filled with treasure and, you can even create your very own Jack Sparrow.

As it is a multiplayer title, it is also very much a Sea of Thieves, as you battle your way to harbour so you can safely offload your hard stolen loot. The same loot other players will generously come to try and liberate from you, for their own pirate-y pockets. If you love an endless ocean, piracy, and the sight of a Megalodon coming straight towards you, then you can understand why this is the first on the list.


4. Gears of War

While cover-shooters may be old-hat now, when the first Gears of War game dropped it was THE cover-shooter. An immersive, gritty and gruesome single-player or cooperative shooter that brought us the iconic chainsaw-gun. Set in an alternate world invaded by strange creatures from beneath the Earth, you must hack and saw your way through all manner of beasts. In what remains one of the smoothest and best-feeling cover combat systems in gaming to date.

While the storyline alone is reason enough for its place on this list, multiplayer content was no exception in quality, containing all the same gory finishers and satisfying weapons that have made the franchise so successful. With a lineup of titles that are each better than the last, this flagship of the Gears series is one of the best FPS exclusives to ever hit the Xbox.


3. Fable

Another franchise that has both nostalgia and a near-inarguable place on this list, Fable is the fantasy adventure that you can keep going back to. At the time of its release, there were very few other RPGs that were headlining on Xbox. A welcome addition, Fable also set the standard for a range of RPGs to follow it with its groundbreaking mechanics and enthralling narrative. Distinguishing itself with its gripping combat, magic casting and charming characters. It's no surprise this franchise has had a number of follow-up titles. Your decisions have impact and the consequences can shape the narrative entirely.

One of the most memorable parts of this series was the fact that it allowed you to get married, buy a house and kill your best friend. Not necessarily in that order. With a recent remaster, you can find out what all the fuss is about!


2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

A lot can be said about Knights of the Old Republic. From best Star-Wars title to best RPG, there is plenty to enjoy here. You don't have to be a Star Wars fan, either. Knights of the Old Republic will transport you into a whole new sci-fi world. With planets to explore, incredibly memorable and well-written characters to find and recruit. And most importantly, light sabers, force abilities, and unforgettable plot twists. This classic has it all.

Set long before the stories of the films, the galaxy is a very different sight. With Jedi and Sith battling it out, as they are quite common, and the inhabitants of the worlds are stuck in the middle.


1. Halo: Combat Evolved

It's likely unsurprising that Combat Evolved has taken first place on this list. I'm sure for many of you the reasons are clear but nonetheless. This game took the world by storm after release, and to this date the main protagonist Master Chief is amongst the most recognised game characters to exist. Even debuting in a TV series from Paramount+ recently, this franchise is still going strong and it is all thanks to Combat Evolved.

Humanity is on the brink of destruction, fighting back an alien coalition that is vastly superior technologically. Against all odds, you fight back and win time and again. The setting was beyond unique, a whole hand-crafted world and narrative to get lost in and solid gameplay to back it up. It has been the icon of Xbox success for years, and with recent remasters and the release of Halo Infinite, it's clear that it will continue to be so.


So, what’s your take? Would you replace any of these games? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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Kiefer Whitaker is an avid gamer, writer and fantasy lover. When not writing about games, he can be found working on an Overhaul Mod project for M&B Bannerlord.