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Tears of Metal: Everything We Know



Tears of Metal Everything we know

A strange rock falls from the sky onto your island, bringing waves of invaders and occupiers from all directions. As a native and a leader, you must fight the invaders off and try to make sense of the strange meteor. This is the concept behind Tears of Metal, in a nutshell.

Tears of Metal, the latest game from developer Paper Cult, promises to be a fun action roguelike. The game is still under development, but the developers have shared enough to answer the biggest questions. Here is a comprehensive preview of everything we know about the new game.

What is Tears of Metal?

Tears of Metal

Tears of Metal is a hack-and-slash roguelike announced during the Summer Game Fest. The game showcases a sophisticated gameplay style that integrates several components, such as action, strategy, management, and mystery.

The action is intense and based on classic hack-and-slash combat mechanics. Though the confrontations are crowded and chaotic, cunning tactics are needed to defeat the opponents. A comprehensive approach is also needed by the game's administration system as players construct their armies and grow their towns. The entire idea behind the game is a secret that becomes clearer as you go through the levels.



The story behind Tears of Metal is shrouded in mystery. It is set in medieval times on a Scottish island. Presumably, the island was at peace until a strange cosmic event happened, and a strange meteor dubbed the Dragon Stone Meteor fell on the island. The meteor attracts masses of people and monsters to the island, forcing the native Scottish warriors to fight them off. Interestingly, the meteor also gives people mysterious and dangerous powers, making it stranger and more curious.

The story and mystery are deeper than that and unfold over time as you progress and conquer more enemies. Ultimately, you learn everything about the strange meteor and its effects on people. Understandably, the developer couldn’t share more details than that to avoid spoiling the story.



The gameplay style in Tears of Metal is fun and smooth. It incorporates several playstyles, including intense combat, character customization, truth-finding, and a bit of management.

Combat is the biggest aspect of the game’s gameplay. You lead your battalion of Scottish warriors in battles to fight invaders attracted to the island by the Dragon Stone Meteor. The enemies come in different types, including humans, zombies, and giants.

The action is intense and based on hack-and-slash combat mechanics. The swordfights are quite sophisticated and impressive, giving the battles a realistic medieval-style touch. The fights are mildly gory, as blood spatters when swords cut through flesh. It is also worth noting that you can unlock other challenges on the side when you want to take a break from the main campaign.

However, the combat isn’t plain hack-and-slash. The Dragon Stone Meteor gives your character and other NPCs magical powers they can use in battle. For example, you can obtain powers to make your enemies burst into flames when you strike them with your sword. There are more magical powers that you will discover and unlock as you upgrade your soldiers and explore your island.

More on Gameplay


Besides discovering the Dragon Stone Meteor’s magical powers, you will uncover its mysteries and the story behind the game as you progress. Expectedly, you will learn about the meteor’s origins and the mysteries behind its powers.

You can choose from multiple unique characters to lead your armies into battle. Moreover, you can also upgrade your characters, equip them with over 100 artifacts to boost their powers and try out other customization options to give them distinctive builds. Interestingly, your soldiers gain experience and permanent upgrades between campaigns. However, there is one big catch: soldiers are lost forever when they die in battle.

The game also features a fun and strategic management system for recruiting warriors and expanding your territory. The management system comes up when taking breaks from doing battle. You can use the system to recruit, train, and upgrade warriors to deploy in battle. Additionally, you can use the opportunity to expand your settlements, unlocking new shops to buy permanent upgrades.

You can play Tears of Metal alone in the single-player mode or with friends in the co-op mode. The game features sharp graphics for striking visuals and an immersive playing experience. It also features exciting soundtracks based on highland metal to get you into the mood for a classic medieval fight.


Tears of Metal

Tears of Metal is currently under development by Paper Cult, an upcoming studio with several popular titles. It is safe to assume that the game has a long way to go before it is ready, considering it will launch in 2025. Paper Cult will also be the publisher. Interestingly, other popular titles from the developer include Bloodroots and Fat Mask.


Tears of Metal - Official Trailer

The official trailer for Tears of Metal highlights the game’s best aspects. Of course, most scenes focus on the bloody battles between your Scottish warriors and diverse invaders. The various enemies highlighted in the trailer include ordinary human soldiers, green zombies, and huge giants. The swordfights look epic as blood spatters from your enemies’ wounds. Interestingly, you can also see the meteor’s powers in action as you strike your enemies with fiery or lightning powers. The trailer also showcases the game’s management system, including the soldier recruitment and settlement expansion mechanics.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Tears of Metal Game

Paper Cult announced that Tears of Metal is scheduled to release in 2025. However, the developers didn’t specify a release date. Hopefully, the game will launch sooner than later.

The game will only be compatible with the PC platform. The developers recommend using a PC with at least 16 GB of RAM and 10 GB of free storage space for the best performance. Hopefully, the developers will expand the game’s compatibility to consoles and mobile platforms before or after its release.

So, what’s your take on our preview of Tears of Metal? Are you excited to play the game? Let us know over our socials here or down in the comments below. 


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