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MythForce: Everything We Know

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MythForce everything we know

The 1960s were the epitome of Saturday morning cartoons. The classic animation adventures ranged from action-packed superhero adventures to comedic slapstick and educational programming. Some of the most iconic and beloved cartoons were produced during this time, leaving a lasting impact on popular culture. It is only fitting that a video game revival emerges, offering a delightful journey down memory lane.

MythForce is that kind of game that masterfully captures the essence of those cherished Saturday morning cartoons. Every aspect, from its vibrant and visually stunning graphics to the meticulously crafted narrative dialogue and the soul-stirring soundtrack, resounds with the spirit of those classic animated experiences. If you were fortunate enough to have grown up in the 20th century, MythForce is guaranteed to ignite a surge of nostalgia. How about we find out more? Here's everything we know on MythForce. 

What is MythForce?


MythForce is an upcoming roguelike adventure title by Beamdog. The game is a 1st person action-packed combat that infuses sorcery and swordsmanship. It brings a sense of nostalgia with its characters who are heavily inspired by the 80s Saturday morning cartoons. 

If cartoons like Thundercats and He-Man ignite a whirlwind of pure elation in you, you'll feel right at home with this one. Moreover, every aspect of the game exudes a sense of being back in your living room, watching the bulky, box-shaped TVs. 


MythForce sets off four heroes on an adventure to take over the tyrannous Eldryth and Daedalus. The two have a grip over the castle, laying various traps and setting off their minions on a voracious attack.

The game's Steam page unveils its description below:

“Inspired by beloved Saturday morning cartoons, MythForce unites swords & sorcery with gripping 1st-person combat in a new roguelike adventure. Brave the dungeon alone, or join forces with friends to take on an ever-changing Castle of Evil! Become a cartoon hero in a Saturday morning cartoon fantasy world. Scratch that nostalgic itch with wholesome fun that's easy to pick up and play (but tough to master).

In true roguelike fashion, each time you're defeated, you'll have to start over at the beginning — but every play through makes you a little stronger. Level up as you explore the dungeon, uncovering magical artifacts and upgrades to make you say, “I HAVE THE POWER!”. Become a cartoon hero in a Saturday morning cartoon fantasy world.

Scratch that nostalgic itch with wholesome fun that's easy to pick up and play (but tough to master). Wield legendary weapons and powerful magic to smite hordes of enemies in an immersive fantasy dungeon crawl through a colorful cartoon castle. Fresh adventures await with each new attempt to storm the keep! Explore a replayable dungeon with treasure, traps, and terrors lurking around every corner.”



The game is a 4-player co-op roguelike dungeon crawling adventure rendered in 3D. Players can either step into the shoes of the valiant Knight, Victoria, the wise Mage, Maggie; the vicious Hunter, Hawkins; or the charming Rogue, Rico. You can venture into the labyrinthine depths of the dungeon alone or team up with three other players. However, you must carefully select your characters, as each bears a distinct skill that they bring to the table. 

The game's setting is a vibrant castle full of terror and treasures. Using sorcery and swords, players work their way through various obstacles and hordes of enemies. The game promises to provide “legendary weapons and powerful magic” to take down the evil forces lurking in the vibrant cartoon castle.

Being a rogue-lite game, this means you'll spawn at the start after facing death. Fret not; the game uses a meta-progression system that allows you to upgrade between runs. Also, the castle provides a fresh adventure with every attempt you make. 


In 2022, Aspyr acquired Beamdog. Aspyr is well known for its remakes of the Star Wars franchise. Aside from the upcoming title, the studio is also working on the Knights of the Old Republic remake by BioWare. Surprisingly, the former BioWare heads, Trent Oster and Cameron Tofer, founded Beamdog.

Furthermore, developer Beamdog is not new to the gaming front. If you've played classics such as Planescape: Torment and Baldur's Gate, the studio is behind the exhilarating remaster of these Black Isle Studio games. It's no surprise that it's now going for a remake of the cartoons that defined the 20th century.


MythForce - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Thanks to Nintendo of America, we have a trailer showing what the game is shaping up to be. The one-minute-eleven-second trailer starts with Victoria calling for assembling the 80's ‘Avengers', the Mythforce. The trailer also shows the character's skills and the gameplay. 

The studio subsequently unveiled a new trailer revealing the game's release date.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

MythForce will be launching on Nintendo Switch on September 12 this year. The game's website also reveals that the game will also be available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. However, it's unclear when this will be and what consoles it will support. 

The game is also available for Early Access on Epic Games. Players will get a feel of the four playable;e heroes and access to the game's first episode, ‘Bastion of the Beast Lord”. The developer plans to expand the game further, heavily relying on the gaming community for their input. Moreover, a PTR build add-on gives you a buggy overview of the features present in early development. You can access the PTR build here.

Does this game pique your interest? If so, then be sure to check for regular updates on its official social feed here. If anything changes before its launch, we'll be sure to fill you in on all the details on

So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of MythForce when it launches later this Autumn? What features stand out for you? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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