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Most Anticipated Party Games of 2024

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Are you planning on hosting a few friends over? You may want to pick a fun party game first before sending out the invites. No need to worry. We're watching out for the best party games out there for you. Say goodbye to playing the same old party game repeatedly. It's time to impress your friends with something fresh, starting with our most anticipated party games of 2024.

5. Just Dance 2025

Just Dance 2024 Edition | Launch Song List Trailer

Ever since COVID, dancing to songs in your living room has become second nature. It’s even better to do it with friends and family. Or, better yet, compete with one another online. In no moment at all, the game gets you in high spirits. You can dance with others online and access plenty of accessible dance routines, including one of the coolest dances in Just Dance 2023 that had the lead in a wheelchair. 

Every year, the Just Dance series releases a new entry, often adding new songs and content. In June 2023, Just Dance 2025 was announced to be in development. It’ll be the 16th installment and the third annual song pack. We’ve already caught wind of some of the sick beats to expect from the upcoming edition, including Dakiti by Bad Bunny and Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland. Tons of other mega artists will feature, with the hopes of an even better tracklist. 

While Just Dance 2024 was a bit of a letdown, having pretty low innovation from the previous year, we hope Just Dance 2025 will make giant leaps forward and restore the series to its rightful place on the party games' throne. 

Release Date: Fall 2024

4. City of the Living

Fence with zombie hands City of the Living

Alternatively, consider City of the Living, an upcoming tableau-building action-selection game. It lets you team up in groups of two to four players and tosses you into a supernatural survival challenge. 

As the leader of a great nation, you’re tasked with enforcing your territory, which becomes trickier once a zombie outbreak ensues. You must hold off as many zombies as you can, all while avoiding making the mistakes of the past. 

Can you lead a new generation to prosperity? With seven decades (in-game years) to set up infrastructure and industries and invest in technological research, you’ll have more than enough time to make the right decisions and balance energy and ecology for posterity.

Release Date: February 15, 2024

3. Captain Flip

ship steered by monkey in Captain Flip

Perhaps commandeering a ship is more your style? As captain, it’s time to hoist your flag, recruit your crew, and fill the hold with loot and coins. Captain Flip tasks you with becoming the most powerful pirate captain you can be. It lets you enlist the help of navigators, parrots, lookouts, and even monkeys. Your goal is to scoop up as many coins as you can through expeditions and winning wars. 

Captain Flip thrives on simplicity, which anyone can easily pick up and play. Plus, it takes barely a few minutes to explain the rules and start playing. All you do is draw a tile from a bag. If you like what the tile says, you can keep the tile or flip it. In no time, you’ll be enjoying a fun and subtle party night, leaving no member of your crew behind.

Release Date: Q1 2024

2. Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game 

Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game trailer

Metal Gear Solid is soon coming to the tabletop. You’ll have the freedom to pick your favorite video game character and charge them into battle. Specifically, one to four players will team up to take on 14 unique stealth and boss missions. From Solid Snake, Gray Fox, Meryl, and Hal, you’ll pick out your character and lead them across the Shadow Moses Incident campaign. 

The story missions will be very similar to the video game. You’ll explore Shadow Moses Island and unravel conspiracies through espionage. Because the gameplay focuses on stealth, you’ll need to sneak around corners, avoid enemy patrols, and hide behind covers like cardboxes to avoid getting spotted by guards. Or, you can distract them to avoid being seen. But once spotted, you’ll have no choice but to engage in combat. 

Teamwork will come in handy when searching for key items and coordinating attacks. Each boss, among them Sniper Wolf, Liquid Snake, Cybord Ninja, and more, has a unique deck of cards. You’ll need to study their attacks and exploit their weaknesses to your advantage. Overall, it’s a game that’ll test your attention to detail and wits to take down the most epic bosses Metal Gear Solid has to offer.

Release Date: April 29, 2024

1. Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash

Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash | Reveal Trailer

Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash is an upcoming party action game that takes place in the Umamusume universe. You can play the game solo, but the fun kicks up a notch with friends. In teams of up to four players, you’ll compete at the Slapdash Grand Prix, which hosts four exhilarating events: Hurtling Hurdles, Blazing Baskets, Dodgeball Demolition and the Gourmet Gauntlet.

Hurtling Hurdles has you and your friends racing across heaps of hurdles. You’ll jump, climb, and fly over various obstacles and stages. From academy shops through homes, your charming pixel art sprites will dash across vibrant environments bursting with color. Blazing Baskets, on the other hand, puts a cool twist on hoop culture. Your team will be scoring not one but three baskets. Meanwhile, the course will be crawling with all kinds of obstacles. 

Like a marathon, you’ll jump on over to Dodgeball Demolition and compete to be the last one standing before wrapping up with Gourmet Gauntlet, which tests how fast you can serve your teammates delicious treats. It certainly serves up a dream-come-true party game. If not for its charming art style, then for the never-ending rich multimedia universe treats Umamusume: Pretty Derby keeps on giving.

Release Date: 2024

So, which of our most anticipated party games of 2024 are you looking forward to most? Are there more party games coming in 2024 that we should know about? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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