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5 Best Fitness Games Like Just Dance 2023

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With so many people's New Years' resolution being to stay in shape. It is no surprise that many have looked to the world of gaming in order to become more active. Fitness games are unique because they have many benefits for the people who play them. If you haven't tried a fitness game, feel free to pick from these titles. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 Best Fitness Games Like Just Dance 2023.

5. Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports encourages players to get active throughout their day-to-day lives. This game is a fun and interactive way to get healthier, all while enjoying a fun video game as well. In addition, there are a variety of sports that you can play in Nintendo Switch Sports. That adds much replayability to the game, allowing it to become part of your routine. This is fantastic for those of us who don't have a ton of time to devote or the funds to dedicate to a gym membership.

Some examples of the sports on offer in Nintendo Switch Sports are bowling, tennis, and many others. In addition, the game also features sports that were not previously a part of the Wii Sports series. These include soccer, badminton, and volleyball. These are fantastic new additions and are sure to help people who want to play those types of sports at home. These games also feature a multiplayer component so you can get fit with friends, which is fantastic. In closing, Nintendo Switch Sports is one of the awesome fitness games to play going into 2023.

4. Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise is, much like the name implies, an exercise game that utilizes rhythm to keep the player moving. This is fantastic as it disguises the work as play, making it easier to work out without the stress of a strenuous routine. This is fantastic for those of us who don't have much time on our hands but want to improve our overall physical health. In addition, the game offers a somewhat customizable experience that lets you tailor your time toward your needs as well.

Players can even tailor the in-game playlist to suit their needs as well. So if there are certain songs that you like to hear during your workout, then this game makes it possible and adapts to you. This is great because it allows more agency over your experience as a whole. There is also the addition of multiplayer, enabling you to tackle those tempos with a friend. Also you can transfer data from the first Fitness Boxing as well. This makes it easy to pick up where you left off. In conclusion, Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise is a fantastic way to get fit and one of the best fitness games in 2023.

3. Zumba Burn It Up!

Zumba is an incredibly popular fitness craze that still persists to this day. In Zumba Burn It Up! you can take the highly energetic dance classes home with you. This is a fantastic way to encourage people to be active. Zumba's fusion of dance and exercise will surely have you sweating in no time. In addition, players are able to use the motion controls of the Nintendo Switch in order to complete these workouts in a way that is fun and proactive.

This makes the game fantastic for those who may not be into gaming as much but love to exercise. There are over thirty songs to jam out to while you work up a sweat. Adding some much-needed variety to your experience as a whole. Players can even choose exactly what dance style they want to use in order to get the most out of their time with the game. That isn't where this game stops, as players can invite their friends and have up to four player sessions encouraging everyone to get in on the fun. To close, Zumba Burn It Up! is a fantastic game for those trying to stay active.

2. Yoga Master

Yoga Master does exactly what it sets out to do—allowing players to experience the thrills and benefits of yoga right from their Nintendo Switch. Players are able to work out with their virtual couches as they lead them on their yoga journey. This is great for those of us who can't get out s much due to either time constraints or even physical health problems. The game shows the player step-by-step how to complete these actions in a way that will not harm their body. One of the best parts about this is you don't have to deal with other people watching you work out either.

There are a variety of yoga programs that the game pulls from, allowing for a varied experience throughout. This is wonderful for those who don't want to be bogged down by repetitive routines. There are many unique features to the game as well. Such as BMI calculation and many other fitness benefits to playing this game. In closing, Yoga Master is a fantastic way to dip your toe into the world of yoga in one of the best fitness games in 2023.

1. Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is one of the best fitness games that you can play in 2023. This game allows you to get active and still remains a solid game in its own right. This separates it in a way from other exercise titles, as you will find yourself going back to it more. The majority of the gameplay is presented through a turn-based system that allows players to work out as they enjoy going through the world.

The game comes equipped with both a Ring-Con and a Leg Strap that are both used in order for the player to play the game. You will find yourself fighting with monsters, each requiring a different exercise in order to defeat them. This packages the exercise in such a way that it feels more like traditional gaming rather than a workout. But if you are one of those people that want to get straight to the point. Without all the frills, the game also has a mode without the game mechanics in it. This is great for those who simply want to get down to the business of exercise. In closing, Ring Fit Adventure is not only a solid exercise game but a solid game overall, which truly sets it apart from its competition.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Fitness Games Like Just Dance 2023? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.




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