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5 Best Fitness Games on Xbox Kinect

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It's 2021, and people are still itching for some fresh air and a good old fashioned outdoorsy workout routine. Sadly, due to the pandemic that must not be named — we are left to twiddle joysticks and flap our arms about for our Kinect sensors to enjoy instead. That's all fine and everything, providing you've got yourself a worthy selection of fitness games on hand — but it's not nearly the same. It is, however, all we've got, and therefore we are left to make do.

Fitness games can cause you to break a sweat if you're truly willing to immerse. Whether it's through virtual reality or just button mashing on a pad; every little obstacle can get those muscles pumping and a conscience replenished of guilt. However, while VR and the Switch can provide some fairly decent workouts, we thought we'd opt for the Xbox Kinect — seeing as it homed a whole heap of fitness games up until its 2017 wipeout. That's where we'll narrow our vision for a moment, so if you're looking to dust off your Kinect sensor for a quick exercise — then we strongly suggest booting up these five games.

5. Just Dance 2020

Just Dance 2020: Official Song List – Part 1

We've covered Just Dance on before, and for good reason, too. Unlike a lot of slow-paced shuffling games, Just Dance gets the blood thumping with powerful beats and intense routines. Although not the most basic routines featured on a dance entry, this party starter hit is more than capable of getting the sweat rolling. Even if you're not the most seasoned dancer with a portfolio full of competition wins, Just Dance still levels with players of all skill trees and capabilities. While it doesn't necessarily hold your hand from the get-go, it still rewards you tremendously for just standing up and making the effort. So, prepare to draw your curtains and launch the solo party because it's time to dance.

4. Zumba Fitness: Rush

Zumba Fitness Rush - Official Teaser Trailer (Kinect)

It's time to feel the burn with a spectacular masterclass in Zumba taught by the experts themselves. Again, you don't need to be a fitness fanatic to power through an upbeat Zumba routine, but you do need to prepare for a serious workout that'll target your entire body. There's routine, there's rhythm, and there's definitely a bustling soundtrack to back your every session, no matter the occasion. And, if you don't quite believe us when we say Zumba can't help shed the pounds, then feel free to take a look at some of the 90-day turnarounds from global players. It turns out that Zumba is, well, pretty good at keeping you fit.

3. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Trailer (Kinect - Xbox 360)

To help branch out from the ranting and raving rhythm games, I thought we'd look at something a little more cardio-focused. Although somewhat outdated compared to many 2021 phone apps, Your Shape does include its fair share of timeless workout routines. With the additional option to challenge your friends, climb the leaderboard and establish new targets within the community, Fitness Evolved sits as a simple yet satisfying alternative to the fitness regime. All you need to do is hook up your Kinect sensor and boot up a workout then just watch those extra calories dissolve.

2. Shape Up

Shape Up E3 Trailer Video

If you've ever wondered what you'd look like bench-pressing an elephant, then think no more because now you physically can. Sort of. Thanks to Ubisoft's devotion to the fitness community, Shape Up combines arcade-style visuals with fitness games that are both quirky and novel. Of course, nobody really enjoys monotonous workouts at home, which is why Shape Up aims to turn fitness into a series of games to help motivate the player. Simply set yourself a milestone and prepare to start smashing those targets. It's game time.

1. Nike+ Kinect Training

Nike+ Kinect Training Trailer

When Nike+ gathered some of the most elite athletes in the world and showed them the elements of a video game, Kinect Training was put in motion, and the cogs have been turning ever since. Thanks to the convenience of a hand carved programme that evolves around your personal physical capabilities, Nike+ works as the greatest alternative to journeying all the way to the actual gym. With strong workout schedules that target your specified areas or objectives, Kinect Training acts as a digitalized personal trainer that never fails to lead you in all the right directions.

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