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5 Best Fitness Games Right Now

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Best Fitness Games

Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. However, going to the gym these days seems challenging, especially after the pandemic. Since the debut of fitness gaming on Wii consoles in 2006, “exergaming” has evolved to feature more fun and intense physical activities to help you burn calories.

So whether you want a full-body workout or you simply want to work on your cardio, you don't need to make daily trips to the gym. All you need is a console, and you're set. The best part is that there are plenty of games to choose from. Here are the five best fitness games to try this October.


5. Just Dance

Just Dance 2022 - Full Song List Trailer - Nintendo Switch

The Just Dance franchise has been keeping people fit since its first title's debut in 2009. Dance videos put the fun in exercise routines. What's more, they are also recommended by fitness experts. Unlike workout routines, Just Dance lets you burn calories by dancing to your favorite tune and improves your flexibility. The 2022 release features popular songs by Ciara, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and plenty more.

The game, available on the Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, is pretty easy to play. You only need a controller and follow the dance routine on the screen. Your score is determined by how well you ace the dance routines. The game uses motion control to award scores. Each console, as you know, has a different motion-tracking system. Gamers with Switch consoles will use the Joy-Cons, while PlayStation gamers will use the PS camera, smartphone, or PS Move devices. If you have an Xbox, you'll have to download an app that tracks your motion.


4. Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise has a lot more in store than its predecessor, Fitness Boxing. The menu lets you choose between free training or daily workouts. In free training mode, you can choose the type of music and the level of intensity. With a joy-con, you can box to your favorite beat and keep track of upcoming movies. The sequel, available on Nintendo Switch, is much better at registering moves since it accounts for how fast you are at throwing a jab or ducking.

Unlike dance games where you move to the left or right, in Fitness Boxing 2, you have to punch the series of icons on the screen. Each icon represents a different move, ranging from a jab, uppercuts, hooks, or straights. Furthermore, Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise features a reward system like in every other game. You can earn points in the game with frequent workouts. The points will give you access to special outfits and looks for your on-screen fitness instructor. 


3. Plaicise:AR Fitness Games

If you're bored of workout routines, Plaicise has an ever-expanding variety of games for you to relish. All you need to do is to download the app on your mobile device and place it right in front of you. The augmented reality game translates the moves you make to game controls on your phone's screen. The app allows you to walk around in a virtual environment by looking at your screen. You can perform various activities such as kicks, squats, and jumps. In turn, you earn points and attain a high score.

The game allows you to play alongside your friends as you challenge them to beat your high score. You can also create a duel where you compete in a series of mini-games. A few dreadful minutes into the routine will soon become pleasurable fun; you will forget it's part of a workout. 


2. Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

One of the most exciting and rewarding fitness games to play is Ring Fit Adventure. The game integrates fitness with RPGs for a thrilling workout routine. Players team up with a responsive pilates ring to hunt down an atrocious body-building dragon, Dragaux. As a young athlete, you have to traverse the game's overworld in search of Dragaux while also battling it out with workout-themed monsters (cunning yoga mat or a gutsy dumbbell). You will engage in exercise combat, where you get to perform exercises to defeat the fitness monsters. Each attack has a combination of moves that will only launch when executed successfully. 

Ring Fit Adventure comes with two accessories, a Ring-Con and a Leg strap, which must be used when playing the game. You must hold the Ring-con each time you play, since it is the core of every move you make. The Joy-cons track each move you make, whether you're not lifting your legs high enough or if you have the right posture when doing overhead presses. Overall, Ring Fit Adventure is the ultimate fitness game that gives you a sense of adventure under the guise of a workout.


1. Zombies, Run!

All-New Zombies, Run! Trailer

Can you run for your life to stay fit? This fitness game lets you run away from the half-dead beings before they consume your brain. The mobile game uses a gamification technique, allowing you to walk, run, or jog. Although you won't see a swarm of zombies charging toward you, you will hear growling sounds that imply they are close by. The audio adventure motivates you to run more while immersing you in the zombie apocalypse experience. 

The game also features over 300 story missions you can listen to alongside your workout music. The missions are basically scripts that the game reads to you as you run. You can choose to keep track of your steps and your workout duration and use GPS when out for a run. To keep you motivated as you run, you can switch on the Zombie Chase Option, which unleashes a hoard of zombies when you least expect it. This jump scare gives you the right push to go on. 

Furthermore, the game also features virtual races, which let you compete with other players. 

Are there fitness games we missed that we should add to this list? Do you agree with our top five list? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.


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