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Mortal Kombat 1: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Looking up tips and tricks seems like a weakness, especially in games like Mortal Kombat, where timely button smashes can make you feel like Einsteen. But the tips and tricks we highlight here have the potential to help you make the most of your experience. For starters, Mortal Kombat fighters have an overwhelming suite of moves and finishers they can use. Additionally, performing brutality and fatality moves unlocks plenty of goodies that elevate your gameplay a touch more. 

And then we have the newly introduced Kameo system and Invasions mode, which turn the tables on the gameplay you might have been used to. Sounds like a lot? Take a deep breath and come along on our Mortal Kombat 1: Best Tips for Beginners guide that will give you a head start and get you closer to MK champion status.

5. Tutorials Exist for a Reason

Mortal Kombat 1 - Komplete Tutorial Mode (All Trainings Completed) [4K60 HD]

Saying “tutorials exist for a reason” sounds a little standoff-ish. However, it’s necessary to say it because most people skip the tutorials, hoping to learn on the job. However, Mortal Kombat 1 has a very helpful tutorial that can make your job a whole lot easier. Instead of learning, you can jump straight into winning fights.

So, first, open up the tutorial and learn the basics of fighting in Mortal Kombat. You should find it in the Learn section of the main menu. Each fighting game will have its own gameplay system. Mortal Kombat has a distinct one, too. You can start by learning how to move forward, backward, and vertically. Then, learn how to throw kicks and punches.

Gradually build up your muscle memory as you progress through the Kameo system and the offense versus defense strategies. You can always take a break by hopping into an actual fight. However, be sure to return to the Tutorials to sharpen your MK skills some more. While you’re slowly trekking your way to pro play, you’ll also scoop up extra coins that you can use to unlock cool collectibles. Win-win!

4. Offense Basics

I mean, Mortal Kombat hails gore like nobody’s business. So, there’s no way around leveling up other than by brutally dismembering the other guy. To do so, your offense needs to stay sharp. Okay, so bear with me for a second. 

First things first, hold the controller.

The thumbstick won’t do the best job at all. Instead, switch to the D-Pad. As for the buttons on the right, you’ll want to use your index and ring fingers to attack.

Feel free to switch these out for what’s most comfortable for you. However, I find it works best when playing Mortal Kombat.

Next up, you want to build up on the basic attacks, which are the front and back punches and kicks. To string combos together, you’ll want to combine your attack moves with your movements. 

These can either be stepping, dashing, or jumping forward or backward. As a result, you begin to access multiple attacks, each with its own distinct damage output, AOE, effect, etc. Feel free to pull up the move list to confirm an individual fighter’s combos. And from here, it’s all about mastering perfect timing.

Don’t forget the brutality and fatality of the move in all its gory glory. In previous entries, brutalities and fatalities were common. However, Mortal Kombat 1 takes it to a whole new level. Absolute must-see!

3. Defense Matters, Too


The trick with Mortal Kombat games is that as soon as you leave yourself open to attack, that’s it. You can string impressive combos. Yet you forget to counter or defend yourself, and you end up losing the match. So, as much effort as you put into mastering the art of offense, make sure to dedicate the same effort to your defense strategy. 

Sometimes, getting the first punch in matters more. So long as you string together sequences of offensive combos. Then, master how to interrupt that flow with timely blocks, dodges, or counterattacks. It’s a delicate dance with gore and death, and that’s also where the joy and fun of playing Mortal Kombat 1 come in. 

2. Don’t Skip the Kutscenes


I know, I know. Cutscenes these days, unless utterly riveting, can take their toll on you. But remember that Mortal Kombat 1 is a second reboot of the franchise. On top of that, it tells a fresh story with new backstories for each character. And so, skipping the cutscenes can lead to missing out on the direction the series will take in the coming years.

Besides playing catch-up, the kutscenes are also a great way to familiarize yourself with the lore and gameplay. Liu Kang, the lead protagonist, will go head-to-head with nearly every character. This way, you can get a rough idea of your opponent’s playstyle, regardless of which character they pick. You can also identify interesting characters. They’re all so different in aesthetics and fighting styles.

Some use elemental powers to thwart their opponents. Others use weapons, along with kicks and punches. Their backstories differ, too. You may find a character you’re drawn to. And you may want to focus on understanding their play styles. It helps to master the basics and advanced moves of just one or two characters. Then proceed to learn the rest.

Plus, the kutscenes are interesting at the very least, so why not?

1. Kameo Rocks!

Mortal Kombat 1 KAMEO

Many of Mortal Kombat’s gameplay elements are returning from previous entries. However, the Kameo system is a new element that turns out to be pretty awesome. All you need to do is press the Kameo button at the end of a devastating string of combos to call in an assist to another character, who’ll come in and finish up with a critical hit. Or, whichever way you want to incorporate Kameo characters into your gameplay. It’s all up to you to experiment and find the playstyle that works for you.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our Mortal Kombat 1: best tips for beginners? Are there more tips we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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