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Microsoft Announces Closure of Xbox 360 Store

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Microsoft to close Xbox 360 Store

Microsoft has announced the closure of the Xbox 360 store. 

The company shared this news via an official update on the Xbox Wire blog. The post reveals that the ability to purchase new games, downloadable content (DLC), and other entertainment offerings from the Xbox 360 Store will cease to exist on July 29, 2024.

According to the blog post, players can still enjoy the Xbox 360 games and DLC they previously acquired. 

However, players cannot purchase content from the Xbox 360 console or the Xbox 360 Marketplace site. The closure will not affect the backwards-compatibleMicrosoft Announces Closure of Xbox 360 Store and DLC on the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X/S digital stores.


These will continue to be accessible. Furthermore, the timeline provides ample opportunity for gamers to make any desired purchases. Any Xbox 360 games or DLCs can be bought from the Xbox 360 Store or the Xbox 360 Marketplace until the closure date.

As the curtain falls on the Xbox 360 Store, Microsoft has stated that players can still re-download previously purchased games that may have been deleted. 

Online gameplay remains feasible as long as the publisher's servers are active. In addition, players can preserve game progress in the cloud.

In addition, the Microsoft Movies & TV app will lose functionality on the Xbox 360 platform on the same date. 

The movies and TV shows acquired through the service will become unviewable on Xbox 360 consoles. However, they will still be accessible through the Movies & TV app on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S devices.

The closure of the Xbox 360 Store comes nearly 18 years after the launch of the groundbreaking Xbox 360 console. The launch of the Xbox 360 served as an entry point for countless players into the world of gaming and online connectivity.

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