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Metro Awakening: Everything We Know



Traveler walks through tunnel in Metro Awakening

The Metro series is a big favourite among gamers, known for its exciting stories and deep, dark settings.  Each game, from Metro 2033 to Metro Exodus, has given players a mix of thrilling survival challenges and powerful stories, all set in a world changed by disaster. Now, there's exciting news for fans and new players alike: Metro Awakening is coming, and it's going to be something special for virtual reality (VR). This new game is all about putting you right in the action, letting you experience the world of the Metro series like never before. In this game, you'll play as Serdar, a doctor fighting through dangerous tunnels to find his wife. So, you want to learn more? Here's everything we know so far about Metro Awakening.

What is Metro Awakening?

Lone survivor walks in Metro Awakening ruins

Metro Awakening is the newest game in the Metro series, brought to life in virtual reality. Announced by Vertigo Games and Deep Silver during Sony’s State of Play Showcase, this game is a special project from Dmitry Glukhovsky, the original creator of the Metro stories. It's a prequel, which means it takes us back to the beginning, offering players a brand-new way to dive into the series. The game combines the best parts of the Metro games—like exploring a post-apocalyptic world, a strong story, and sneaky combat—but this time, it’s all in VR.

This game is a big deal because it uses VR technology to make the Metro world more real and immersive than ever before. Dmitry Glukhovsky himself is excited about bringing players to the roots of the Metro story with the added depth that VR provides. He said, “This origins story is so essential to me. It feels like returning to the foundations and roots of the series – now to the level that VR technology can bring…”

Metro Awakening is designed to pull players into its world in a whole new way. With VR, you can really feel like you’re in the spooky, ruined world of post-apocalyptic Moscow. Overall, the game promises to bring the survival challenges, the scary moments, and the beauty of a nature-reclaimed earth closer to players.


A figure stands with arms raised in the Metro Awakening

Metro Awakening is a new story in the Metro game series, taking place before the story of Metro 2033 starts. It's a perfect new adventure for anyone who loves the Metro games and for those who have never tried them but are excited to explore a virtual reality world.

The game takes place in the year 2028. It unfolds in a dark and scary version of Moscow's subway system. This location remains one of the last safe havens for people. A massive disaster has devastated the world above. The tunnels house not only the survivors but also ghosts and strange creatures. The main character of this story is Serdar, a doctor who is bravely making his way through these dangerous tunnels. He's not just fighting to stay alive; he's on a mission to find his wife and get the medicine she needs to survive. As Serdar travels deeper into the metro, he will face many scary and dangerous challenges.


Metro Awakening tunnel with armed enemies approaching

In the dark and mysterious world of the Moscow Metro, Metro Awakening is set to bring a whole new adventure to virtual reality. This game is all about diving into a story where you have to sneak around, fight for survival, and explore creepy tunnels, all through the immersive world of VR.

The gameplay in Metro Awakening is built to make you feel like you're truly part of this dark, post-apocalyptic world. For the first time in VR, you'll need to manage important survival items like your ammo, gas mask, and flashlight, which can die out at any moment, leaving you in the dark. Imagine the tension of trying to find your way in the pitch dark or the rush of having to reload your weapon quickly as a mutant comes charging at you.

In addition, you'll have a bunch of unique, handmade weapons to protect yourself against the many threats lurking around. The game will make you feel the desperation of surviving in such a harsh world where every bullet counts and finding a new gas mask filter can mean the difference between life and death.


Foggy Metro Awakening game scene with flashlight

Metro Awakening is being developed by a team from Vertigo Games and Deep Silver. They shared the news during an event called Sony's State of Play Showcase. Vertigo Games knows a lot about creating VR games, and Deep Silver has a lot of experience with games that tell great stories. By working together, they're making sure this new game will be a special kind of VR game. It will feel just like the original Metro stories by Dmitry Glukhovsky but will also bring new VR experiences to players.


Metro Awakening | Reveal Trailer | Meta Quest Platform

The Metro Awakening trailer is intense and full of game scenes that grab your attention. It's a sneak peek into a thrilling VR adventure, showing off survival and combat in a dark, post-apocalyptic world. So, you can check out this gripping trailer yourself with the video embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

Dimly lit Metro Awakening carriage in eerie atmosphere

Metro Awakening is set to be released in 2024. It will welcome players on various VR platforms. These include PlayStation VR2, Steam VR, and Quest 2 and 3.  The developers have not yet announced details about specific editions and exclusive content. Also, for those eager to stay at the forefront of all things Metro Awakening, you can follow the official social media account of Vertigo Games here.

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