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Manchester City Unveil Teams Third Kit Jersey’s in Roblox

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Manchester City third Kit in Roblox

the unlikely collaboration we never expected to see is back at it again with Manchester City and Puma having teamed up with Roblox to unveil the team's third kit jerseys for the 2022-23 Premier League season. We saw the Football Club collaborate with Roblox about a month ago to release Manchester City's Blue Moon experience in Roblox, which serves as the home base for fans of the team sport in Roblox. Puma did the same thing in Roblox with Puma and the Land of Games back in May.

That appears to have gone down well with fans, as Manchester City and Puma decidedly unveiled their kit jerseys via screenshots in Roblox, as seen in the Tweet below. Utilizing Roblox's new layered clothing option, the team was able to get a good presentation of their new jerseys, which feature the official colors “fizzy light” and “Parisian night”. This also crosses over with the real-world launch of the jersey which you can find on Manchester City's store page.


That's Not All!

In conjunction with the collaboration, Puma will host a five-on-five Football Rush Tournament in Puma and the Land of Games on YouTube. Taking place sometime following the kit's launch, the event will feature ten participants, with the winners receiving $10,000 USD to be used on Roblox according to the page details. Quite a generous offering to spend on in-game microtransactions.

PUMA and Manchester City Host Their First Kit Launch on Roblox to Unveil The New 2022/23 Third Kit

This wouldn't be complete without Robloxians being able to obtain the jersey in-game as well. For the first two weeks of the launch, players who compete in and win in Football Rush in Puma and the Land of Games will receive a Manchester City third kit jersey in Roblox. With that, a portal will appear in Manchester City's Blue Moon experience, connecting the two and rewarding players with free items for visiting both.

That's one way to reveal a team's jerseys, albeit the most unlikely. However, the marketing strategy appears to be a huge success, and with it flourishing, expect more collaboration between the three powerhouses once again.

So, what's your take? Do you like Manchester City's third kit jerseys? Will you be exploring the two experiences in Roblox? Do you like that Manchester City unveiled their third kit in Roblox? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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