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Little Nightmares 3: Everything We Want



Tarsier Studios has officially handed over the torch for the Little Nightmares series to Supermassive Games, leaving us to question the future of Six and Mono’s tale that came to a close back in 2021. Aside from the girl in yellow and the bag-wearing sidekick, there have also been several other questions come to light, again, leaving us to ponder the question: what’s next for the Little Nightmares IPand when are we likely to see Little Nightmares 3 come to fruition?

The good news is, Little Nightmares 3 will be gearing up to release at some point in 2024. Until that time does arrive, however, we thought we’d chalk up a few items for our wishlists, if only to stoke the hype train and conjure up a few spitballs. Care to join us as we explore the unopened product that will be Little Nightmares 3? Here’s everything we want to see in the upcoming chapter.

5. A Conclusion to Six’s Story

Whilst it’s no secret that the folks at Supermassive Games are looking to move away from Six and Mono for the third installment in the series, that hasn’t stopped fans from wanting to see a fitting conclusion for the raincoat-sporting antihero. When all’s said and done, Little Nightmares 2 left us with a question: why did Six betray Mono at the final moment, and where was she to go in the wake of her wrongdoing? It seems to us that, while Little Nightmares 3 will likely steer clear of this natural conclusion, that Six could, with any luck, return to fill in the few remaining plot holes.

At this moment in time, we know that Little Nightmares 3 will feature two entirely separate heroes, both of whom will have to endure different challenges and environmental curveballs. For the sake of obtaining closure, however, it would make sense for Supermassive Games to wrangle Six into the mix, if only as a side character in an underlying story adjacent to the overarching narrative. This isn’t to say it’s going to happen, but if Supermassive Games has any intention of paying homage to the source, then it’s likely that Little Nightmares 3 will feature Six as a secondary character.

4. More Lore

It’s one thing to cram as many heart-aching chills and thrills into a relatively bite-sized journey, but to gloss over a huge portion of the lore is a crime in itself. As it turns out, there’s still so much we don’t actually know about Little Nightmares, which means we’ve often had to resort to speculation for several years without so much as a light to guide us. What is this world, and how are Six, Mono, Low, and Alone connected to it?

If we could have anything in Little Nightmares 3, then it would be additional lore, or at least a few collectibles to help paint the world as a much clearer, more approachable picture. And while we understand that the idea of not knowing is all part of the mythos, it would be interesting to see some amount of data to provide us with a deeper understanding of the world and its inhabitants.

3. Freedom to Explore

Little Nightmares has always been a linear series, to the point that every objective in the first two installments are as clear as day. For the third chapter, however, we’d definitely like to see something more—the freedom to choose which paths we take, and above all, which locations to explore, and which creatures to confront. Of course, we’d like to see everything at some point or another, but having that additional time to branch out and take matters into our own hands and in our own time would surely make the overall journey seem more worthwhile.

Since the series’ inception, each corner of the two worlds have employed a simple left-to-right approach, which has often made a lot of the progression seem somewhat predictable. Therefore, if we had to have anything, gameplay-wise, then we’d certainly opt for a little more wriggle room in the Little Nightmares universe.

2. A Conclusion to Mono’s Story

It’s easy to chalk out a line beneath Mono’s story and assume that he became the Thin Man after being left to rot by Six in the final sections of Little Nightmares 2. Having said that, the ending of the second chapter did leave out a lot of details, which of course led us to believe that a sequel would eventually come to shed light on such matters. Turns out, though, that Mono might not be in the third episode at all, which would leave us with far more questions than answers in the long run.

The last we saw of Mono, he was waiting in the pits of the Pale City, awaiting his turn to become the Thin Man—a slender figure who, in the build up to the game’s climax, would reach out through various television screens to try and snatch Six and Mono. As for what happened next is still anybody’s guess, which means, if Supermassive Games is adamant about finding closure for any character, in particular, then there’s a good chance that it’ll be Mono.

1. More Game

Little Nightmares isn’t exactly known for its drawn-out stories or extended gameplay scenarios, and that’s fine. However, seeing as each chapter to date has only served up a relatively short two-hour campaign, it seems only fair that Supermassive Games aims to push the boat out a little and deliver a bulkier experience, if only to include all of the potential ideas in a single product, and not, for example, a web of unnecessary DLCs.

Don’t get me wrong, I for one was content with the volume of content Little Nightmares and Little Nightmares 2 shared in their respective stories. Even still, there’s still a lot left to be desired, and so, if a ten-hour adventure happened to be in the cards for Little Nightmares 3, then I doubt anyone would complain all that much. In other words — please don’t skimp out on this oneSupermassive Games.


So, what’s your take? Do you think we’ll be seeing any of the above five things in Little Nightmares 3? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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