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Little Nightmares II: 5 Creepiest Creatures, Ranked



Little Nightmares II has been funnelling terror into our dreams for just shy of six months now. In that time, we've shovelled through waves of sinister enemies and ominous landmarks in a bid to save Mono from the dooms that lumber him. But out of all the horrors and the obstacles that the forsaken Pale City has thrown at us, it's the very residents that have left a lasting mark during our time in the shadow-riddled metropolis.

Say what you want — but Tarsier Studios know how to make a compelling video game. Gameplay-wise, both Little Nightmares chapters aren't exactly that difficult to pick up — and often resort to simple platforming elements and mapped-out puzzle solving. But that's not the hook that gravitates players towards its concept. Oh no, it's the very settings and characters that embellish the experience that people tend to flock to. With some of the creepiest creatures we've ever laid eyes on, it's difficult to assemble the five that conjured the most fear over both titles. For Little Nightmares II, however — we think it looks a little something like this.

5. The Hunter

Welcome to the Wilderness.

Little Nightmares II started off strong, as expected after delivering a jam-packed original chapter. With little to no context behind the sudden surrounding you find yourself thrown into, the ambience is quickly established and the wheels are put in motion. You've filled the shoes of the paper bag-wearing boy, Mono, and you're suddenly rolling through the misty swampland in search of, well — something. But just as you're finding your feet in the tainted world, the first creature uproots and finds its way to your heels. It's The Hunter, ladies and gentlemen.

Appearance-wise, The Hunter isn't the distorted monster you'd expect to see after swimming through the previous Little Nightmares roster. Instead, what you're left with is an oversized ogre-like being with a shotgun fastened to his chest. Wearing only a sack over his head to help disguise the corkscrewed features, he doesn't immediately strike us as being a friendly stranger that beckons for us to cross his overgrown threshold. Intimidating? Yes. One of the creepiest creatures in Little Nightmares II? Probably not.


4. The Doctor

Put a hold on that doctor's appointment, please.

Picture any horror title you like. Chances are — there's a wall-crawling creature of some sort buried within. Be it a spider or a portly doctor with a hunger for taxidermy, it's a character that tends to not only sell — but also scare the living daylights out of us as well. And as for Little Nightmares II, The Doctor definitely isn't exempt from that fact, either. Although not as threatening as some featured characters, the movement of the creature does strike a nerve or two when going toe-to-toe with his questionable practice.

Stumbling into the hospital after tearing away from the school isn't exactly the breath of fresh air you hope for in Little Nightmares II. In fact, when delving into the very wards that radiate sinister activity and unorthodox patients, it's clear that the one pulling the strings will be something deeply disturbing. Lo and behold — The Doctor is what you're served. With his twisted agenda that involves moulding contorted city folk into walking mannequins, this third foe that dwells in the shadows definitely pushes us to the nearest exit.


3. The Thin Man

Did anyone else get a Slender vibe from this one?

Although introduced fairly late into the game, The Thin Man does play quite a large role in the overall story. However, setting spoilers aside, it's probably best we delve into the appearance alone, as well as the motives that drive the slender creature. Admittedly, it's nothing we haven't seen a few dozen times before in a horror video game — and it definitely gives us a Slender sort of vibe whenever doing a second take, too. But with that being said, something still manages to make our skin crawl whenever we daw him to mind.

Perhaps it's the way he moves to the sound of static? Maybe it's the way he lunges out to snatch you up if you dare to fall anywhere within a few metres of him? Whatever it is, The Thin Man is definitely a worthy accessory to the overall story — and one that leaves a lasting mark as we stumble through the ominous Pale City. And, as far as chase sequences go for Little Nightmares II — the train segment definitely tops the list for being the most nerve-racking of them all.


2. Six

Were the arms really necessary, Tarsier?

After playing through the first Little Nightmares chapter, we sort of knew what to expect when stumbling upon Six for a second time. Although the initial meet and greet sets the raincoat-wearing figure up to be a naive and fairly normal character — those characteristics soon begin to spiral as we step even deeper into the Pale City. With numerous bad choices leading Six astray over the brutal tale, it was only natural for her to wind up as sadistic as the folk that hosted her.

All of that being said, even with Six coursing towards a rather evil corner by the end of the game — nobody really expected to encounter the antihero looking the way she did. With corkscrewed arms that reach for miles and a wild shriek that hands out anxiety for free, it was clear from the get-go that facing Six wouldn't be the walk in the park we initially hoped for. I mean, sure — she's just a little girl with an adorable little raincoat to boot. But boy — Six definitely isn't your everyday lullaby chaser, that's for sure. The girl is evil, plain and simple. And that final boss version? Horrifying.


1. The Teacher

A class you probably wouldn't want to skip.

If there was ever a time to showcase textbook teaching in its prime — this probably wouldn't be it. In fact, if you were to show Little Nightmares II to a fresh-faced student while glossing over the prospectus, chances are you'd scare the living daylights out of them before induction day. Thanks to the monstrous appearance of the crooked antagonist, both players and students have been left to fear the classroom and its staff while under the impression something might just turn sour. And to that, we say well played, Tarsier.

At a first glance, The Teacher doesn't strike you as being an overly confident enemy. Sure, she snaps a ruler every now and then and wallows between desks with a torn smile smeared across her distorted face. But apart from that, what we're left with is a fairly tainted old woman with a little bit of an attitude problem. Until, of course — we clock her abnormalities, and her terrifying ability to twist and stretch her neck as far as the eye can see. Through the ventilation, and even into the ceiling — The Teacher stands just as tall as the fear that courses through our frightened little heads.


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