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Between Demon's Souls and Elden Ring is an entire world—an abundance of tough-as-nails action-adventure games that often refer to themselves as “Souls-like” games. Much like 2022 and the years before, 2023 will see in yet another one of said cult-like games, which will come in the shape of an old children's tale. And that game, strangely enough, is Lies of P, an oddly intriguing title that will look to take the beloved Pinocchio on a journey unlike any other.

So, what's this new Souls-like all about? Will it be anything like Bloodborne or any other FromSoftware game in the book, or will it be something else entirely? Here's everything we've been able to weave together so far.

What Is Lies of P?

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Lies of P is an upcoming third-person action-adventure game based on The Adventures of Pinocchio, a classic children's fantasy novel that made its debut back in 1883. Unlike the much-loved children's literature, though, the Souls-like title will put the beloved puppet through the wringer in a dark and twisted fantasy-like world that's both morally corrupt and on the verge of collapse.

As players, you must take Pinocchio through the darkest depths of Krat City and dig out Mr. Geppetto, the family woodcutter who bears the power to reverse the curse that plagues the far corners of the once-loved metropolis. Curious to know a bit more? Here's what we've learned from Neowiz.


Lies of P is set in an alternate version of Pinocchio's fantasy-like world. Its story, much like the original literature and Disney adaptation, follows the puppet as he searches for Mr. Geppetto, a father-in-training that goes AWOL after the city falls into ruin. His only purpose—besides wanting to become human—is to drive back the ill fortune that shrouds Krat City. With a blade in one hand and a fractured moral compass in the other, Pinocchio must traverse the Gothic underworld and put an end to the misery that engulfs it.

“All of humanity is lost in a once beautiful city that has now become a living hell filled with unspeakable horrors,” the Steam listing reads. “Lies of P offers an elegant world filled with tension, a deep combat system and a gripping story. Guide Pinocchio and experience his unrelenting journey to become human.”


According to Neowiz, players can expect to immerse in a 30-hour single-player campaign that's both rich in Souls-like combat and dark fantasy elements. And it's easy to see where the inspiration comes from, too, what with the countless Bloodborne references and settings. Yet, at its heart, Lies of P will be an entirely new IP, one that takes an old and incredibly familiar formula and transforms it into a Gothic tale that's both twisted and opaque, brutally tough yet irresistibly rewarding.

“Even for the player who wants to enjoy the shorter game, they can take it stage by stage,” game director Choi Ji-Won told Prankster101 Productions. “Each stage, if you really go through it, will take around 10 hours, and each stage has different characteristics and features. If you take it one stage at a time, as one game, then you’ll enjoy it step by step.”

From what we've seen so far, Lies of P will adopt a relentless combat style that's both physically demanding and difficult to master. But, like Bloodborne (or any other Souls-like game, for that matter), persistence is a key that leads to countless rewards and a deeper understanding of the game. Needless to say, you shouldn't let the name of Pinocchio draw you away from the truth; Lies of P certainly isn't for kids, nor is its unforgiving approach to combat.


Lies of P is being developed by Neowiz, a South Korea-based studio that's perhaps best known for certain sleeper hits including Skul: The Hero Slayer, and Unsouled. Founded in 1997, Neowiz has since cast its eye on blockchain-based games, and has worked alongside the likes of Round 8 Studio to develop the upcoming Souls-like, Lies of P.

According to game director Choi Ji-Won, Lies of P is nearing completion, and is just about ready to ship for a 2023 release window. As for when in 2023 it'll be is really anybody's guess, though we expect to hear more about it in the coming months.

“We announced in August that the game was 70% complete, but now it’s in a much more advanced state,” Neowiz said in a recent post. To this end, Lies of P should be nearing its gold status, and should therefore be ready to serve by the third quarter of 2023. This is subject to change, of course, as with any triple-A game that goes under the hammer for extensive periods of time. But by the looks of it, the upcoming game will be ready for public consumption by the end of the year.


Lies of P - Official Announcement Trailer

Neowiz first lifted the veil on Lies of P back in May 2021, during which the developer served up a three-minute clip showcasing the Gothic underworld and its altered citizens and puppets. You can catch the announcement trailer for the game in the embed above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Lies of P will be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam at some stage in 2023. It hasn't been made clear whether or not the game will be launching on Nintendo Switch in the future, though the chances of it releasing this year are exceedingly unlikely, given Nintendo's knack for porting games years after their initial release dates. Therefore, Switch users probably shouldn't go booking any days off from work just yet.

The good news is, Xbox Game Pass will in fact be bringing Lies of P to its platform as a day-one exclusive. So, if you're an active member of the subscription-based flagship product, then you'll have immediate access to the Souls-like title from the get-go. For more information on that (along with any other details on the project), be sure to check in with the official social feed here.

As far as launch editions go, Neowiz will not be bringing anything particularly revolutionary to the table outside of its standard physical and digital versions. This is subject to change as development nears completion, but at the time of writing, Lies of P will not be coming with any special of collector's editions on day one.


So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Lies of P when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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