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LEGO Reveal Giant Super Mario Question Block




LEGO took to Twitter yesterday to reveal what fans believed to be a Super Mario collaboration in the works. Bundled with a short preview of a shadowy cube smothered in the iconic question mark as seen in the acclaimed series, LEGO posed only one puzzle: “we’ve got a question for you.” And that was basically it. Without any further context behind the preview, LEGO pretty much left curious fans clasping at straws. That is until today, where the finalized product was unveiled to the public.

The good news is, it is indeed a Super Mario-themed product. A giant question block, as originally expected, unsurprisingly. Coming with a grand total of 2064 bricks, the bright yellow brick will launch over at for around $170. And if you think that’s a hefty price for a cubed question mark — then allow us to shed a little extra light on the product.

Of course, you probably expected a straightforward build with no hidden sections after glossing over the thumbnail. But inside the foldable block, however, lies Princess Peach’s palace, as well as a series of level designs from the iconic Super Mario 64 entry. And that’s merely the tip of the iceberg, amazingly enough. There’s plenty more buried within, all of which builders can enjoy upon completion. But don’t let us spoil the surprise!

You can purchase the Super Mario Question Block set over on for $170 from October 1st. For more information on the upcoming product and the collaboration between LEGO and Nintendo, you can swing over to either Twitter handle.

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