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Lake Vs Lake: Season’s Greetings

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Lake Vs Lake: Season’s Greetings

With the jingle bells just around the corner, we already have contenders for your yearly Christmas specials streaming in. To kick us off, is the relaxing Lake DLC, Lake: Season’s Greetings. It takes place in 1985, a year before the base game, and has players take on the role of Thomas Weiss, father to Lake’s protagonist, Meredith.

Lake originally had us spend time delivering mail and, in the process, get wrapped up in Providence Oak's town's trials and tribulations. However, Lake: Season’s Greetings DLC presents the opportunity to experience what an almost-retired, amiable postal worker’s life is like. Further, and for the gamers who just happen to love Christmas, you get to bring the Christmas spirit to the now snow-covered idyllic little lake town of Providence Oaks.

Virtually life sims, it’s time to grab your snow boots and a cup of hot cocoa and slide into the spirit of the holiday season. But before then, perhaps a quick comparison between Lake vs Lake: Season’s Greetings? Which one does it better?

What is Lake?


Released in 2021, Lake is a graphic adventure game developed by Gamious and published by Whitethorn Games. It’s set in 1986, following Meredith Weiss, a forty-something software developer who takes a break from the big city, travels back to her tiny hometown in Oregon, and temporarily assumes the role of a postal worker for the two weeks she’s there. 

While delivering mail, she runs into quirky characters that make up the Providence Oak townsfolk, getting to know their personalities and their current struggles. It’s an overwhelmingly peaceful and addictive tale, thanks to its genuine human interactions and vibrant art style.

While you won’t find any convoluted twists and turns, it certainly takes advantage of its picturesque environment, like a balm to the soul, as you leisurely drive around its parks and iconic lake. It’s an incredibly laidback, open world made up of a free-roaming driving sim and a story-driven point-and-click adventure. And by the end of the two weeks, you can decide whether to extend your stay or return to big city life.

What is Lake: Season’s Greetings?

Lake: Season’s Greetings COVER IMAGE

In 2023, developer Gamious and publisher Whitethorn Games released the holiday-themed DLC prequel to Lake called Lake: Season’s Greetings. Note that you must have the base game installed to play the DLC. However, you can skip Lake’s content in favor of Season’s Greetings in time for the holiday season

In the DLC, players travel back to 1985, when almost-retired postal worker Thomas Weiss, the father of Lake’s protagonist, Meredith, delivers mail during Christmas time. It takes place in the same small, quiet town of Providence Oaks, with its iconic lake and Orgeon forests. However, the place is a beautiful winter wonderland, smothered in fluffy snow and Christmas decorations.

Some teaser questions from the base game are answered in the DLC. Also, you meet five completely new characters. For the most part, though, the DLC takes after its base’s game, laid-back, cozily-lit drives, jolly storylines, and a heartwarming adventure that awaits.


Lake lady walking infrom on pouch near lake Vs Lake: Season’s Greetings man walking currying a gift

On the one hand, Lake tells its story as a graphic adventure from the third-person perspective. On the other hand, Lake: Season’s Greetings, being a DLC, follows in the same footsteps as its base game. You can choose to deliver mail on foot or drive the mail van as you follow a cozy, relaxing story with no particular big leaps. Your job is to simply point-and-click to move the plot along. Overall, the goal is to come off the big city’s hustle and bustle of life and begin to appreciate the simpler things in life. Slow down and enjoy yourself, will you? 


In Lake, you interact and form genuine relationships with the quirky townsfolk. While in the DLC, you catch up with old and new faces, enjoying a similar chill atmosphere. The DLC introduces five new characters, each with unique backstories and storylines. Unfortunately, the new characters fail to capture the same magic as their predecessors. On that front, the base game offers more compelling story arcs that are beautiful and well-crafted for everyone.


In Lake, you traverse the leafy, picturesque Providence Oaks in Oregon at the end of summer 1986. Meanwhile, Providence Oaks returns to the DLC in its charming, laid-back self, as well as its lovely inhabitants, with whom you’ve already formed connections. 


Seasons have changed. While Lake takes place at the end of summer 1986, Lake: Season’s Greetings ushers in the Christmas spirit. So, stepping into Meredith’s aging father’s shoes, well, his fluffy boots to brave the snow marry perfectly with the incoming festivities.


The soundtracks are excellent. You even keep humming to its tunes way after you’ve put your controller down. Meanwhile, the DLC takes full advantage of its predecessor’s stellar music score, keeping track of its perfectly fitting, comfy, and cozy world.

Story Progression

Lastly, Lake’s story progression advances delicately and with feeling, creating an oasis of relaxation. You immerse yourself more and more in the story and the characters’ lives. And, in the end, you leave feeling all warm and fuzzy. While the DLC maintains the same, its plot trajectory can sometimes feel like a bit of a slog to get through. 


mr. mackey talking on the top image vs meredith talking on the bottom image

Lake has its fair share of bugs and glitches here and there. Unfortunately, Lake: Season’s Greetings suffers the same fate.


delivery lady talking to lady on the counter top image vs bottom image People from the news are interviewing the delivery guy.

In more ways than one, Lake: Season’s Greetings is more Lake, which isn’t a bad thing at all. It continues to uphold leisurely downtimes with no urgency strapped to your back. You enjoy a charming, laid-back adventure cruising around one of the most serene locations video games have to offer.

Unfortunately, the DLC doesn’t quite hit the high praise mark its base game achieves. Its character story arcs take a while to unravel, creating a bit of a slog to get through and resulting in less compelling narratives. Also, both games suffer from bugs and glitches here and there. Overall, Lake remains the winner, hitting that soft spot more favorably than the DLC, though just by a negligible mile.

So, what’s your take? Is Lake: Season’s Greetings better than Lake? Which one is your favorite? Let us know over on our socials here.

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