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Christmas 2021: Are You Still Looking For a PS5?



If anyone was to ask us what our most popular gift idea would be for this Christmas — then we would probably usher them towards something as far away from the PlayStation 5 as possible. Why? Well, because the PS5 was last year, right? Well, actually, no. Wrong. So very, very wrong.

Truth be told, the PS5 is still high on everybody’s wish lists this year, just the same as it was last year. But thanks to the lack of chips, the global pandemic, ruthless scalper bots, and a whole bunch of other unforgiving hurdles — the next-gen console has been almost impossible to acquire. And unless you’re happy to fork out nearly double the original price tag of $499, then you’re unfortunately destined to scrape the barrel like every other poor soul that’s desperate to taste the latest digital fruits.

The PS5 has been hard to get ahold of since its 2020 launch.


Okay, so it’s the festive season, which means we’ve been upping the ante ever so slightly when it comes to online shopping. Because let’s face it — physical retail outlets are bone dry when it comes to stocking consoles — and that’s something that will never change. Or, at least not for a few years or so, until all the scalpers eventually surrender to their guilt and abandon a truckload of them in a Walmart parking lot.

But that’s the future. Let’s talk present, and more importantly, Christmas 2021 which, worryingly, is just ten short days away. So, if you’re still looking to get your hands on a last-minute PS5 for next week, the we urge you to check out these spots.

The Xbox Series X has also had its issues with stock shortages.

Check the stocks!

First and foremost, it’s worth pointing out that, without stock checkers, we’d be doomed from the get-go, and our chances of grabbing a PS5 would be reduced to zero. However, thanks to the likes of NowInStock, Stock Informer, and PS5 In Stock Alerts, you can pretty much be first on scene the moment a batch unlocks.

Sadly, while finance options and phone contract add-ons are a sure-fire way to get a PS5, neither of them are always the cheapest methods of getting one. And once APR is added, they can actually lead to prices that tally even higher than the scalper tags. So, of course, it’s worth taking that into account before signing your name on any form of dotted line.

Also, payment plans with zero interest do, of course, exist in the shadowy abyss of the market, though they’re often difficult to sniff out. And the same goes for upgrades on your phone contract which, funnily enough, has the power to occasionally gift you with a PS5 for simply being on a higher plan. But as far as snagging one right off the bat online goes — these are your best bets:

Play Like Never Before | PS5

Wherever you choose to source your console from, here’s hoping you don’t end up paying a ridiculous price for it. But so long as you keep $499 in mind, you shouldn’t end up losing all of your hard-earned pennies on one. Oh, and the digital edition should technically only cost you $399. Keep both of those figures close to heart — and you’ll be safe. Fingers crossed.

Have you been able to get your hands on a PS5 this year?  Have you had any luck in recent weeks? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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