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Interview: Nicholas “Nickool” Bray – Facebook Streamer

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Nicholas “Nickool” Bray is a Torontonian currently studying Film and Media Production but has found success in Facebook Gaming Streaming. He is currently trying to become a Film Director but he is also working on expanding his streams. In the future he is looking to broaden the gaming and film world together.

Do you remember the first game that you played?

First game I started playing was Minecraft back in the day. But that does not sound like fun but believe it or not it was fun back than. First shooter game I started playing was Counter Strike Global Offensive. Highest rank I was ever able to get was Master Guardian.

When did you start getting serious about gaming?

When I first got my pc around three years ago, I started playing pc games. My first game I started playing on an amateur pro level was pubg. Then I switched from pubg to fortnite and now fortnite to call of duty.

Can you walk us through one of your finest gaming moments?

One of my finest gaming moments was playing in a tournament in Toronto called EGLX for fortnite. It was a $10,000 prize pool with a first-place sponsorship. Where I came first place taking the sponsorship and the prize of $3600. I really felt proud being on stage as they called upon my name.

What is one of your career highlights?

A career highlight of mine is receiving messages from viewers that say they have been coming to my stream as a relief from quarantine. They enjoy my stream and use it for entertainment either during the day or at night.

What inspired you to begin streaming?

I have always been into watching live esports and seeing people live streaming them playing games have always looked cool. It is also like running your own TV show.

What are your favorite games and why?

Minecraft was one of my favorites because of the memories I had when I was younger. Call of Duty because of how intense and it also brought my elementary and high school friends together. Fortnite because it was able to give me an esports drive for all things competitive in gaming.

How often do you play?

Recently I have been playing almost 12 hours a day while also bringing daily and nightly streams.

Would you join a professional esports team league or start your own?

I would not mind joining an esports team or start my own. It is a new way to start a family online and bring in amazing talent under one roof. It can also network growth together.

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows.

I used to work four jobs in high school as a Ski Instructor, videographer, Background actor and newspaper boy. My favourite I like to say I have done background on the sets of “The Boys” and “Suicide Squad.”

What other players inspire you?

Players of Canadian origin have the most inspiration to me. I love my country and love to bring more esports to it. As most of the esports world you have to travel to the US to attend.

What do you say to others who want to start making a living playing games?

I would say to others that want to start making a living gaming to never stop trying. Network with other streamers of all skill levels and just game. Whether its for fun or competitively. People will watch you for who you are, and your personality so always be yourself when you are streaming.

Any final words?

I stream daily from 12pm – 5pm EST and 7pm – 3am EST on Facebook Gaming.

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