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Jerad Finck, Founder of Cosmic Wire — Interview Series



Cosmic Wire

As the world of Web3 continues to evolve and integrate new technologies and tools into its ecosystem, we thought we’d reach out to touch base with one firm, in particular, that’s working to elevate its presence and devise new ways to containerize data. To help us grasp a firmer understanding of this, as well as the core values that the team strives to adopt, we reached out to Cosmic Wire’s CEO Jerad Finck.

Tell us a bit about your experience in the gaming industry. Before Cosmic Wire, what positions did you hold in the sector, and what brought you to this field, in particular?

Jerad: I have been an avid gamer since I brought home my NES in 1986 and eventually
got into competitive gaming in the early 2000s. Gaming is a core attribute of who I am. I
started my tech background in Silicon Valley, working in internal IT, sysadmin,
cybersecurity, and system architecture for startups and giants like Nokia. From there, I
pursued a music career, leading to multiple Top 40 hits and partnerships with prominent
labels, talent, and publishers since 2008. My first-hand experience in the music business
was the catalyst to create Cosmic Wire.

While on the subject of Cosmic Wire — why don’t you tell us about it. What exactly are you aiming to accomplish as a company, and what services do you provide?

Jerad: We've taken an infrastructure approach, building what we believe are the building
blocks of spatial compute and spatial web. We use Web3 as a ledgerized system to
containerize data, creating provenance and chain of custody around keystrokes,
behavioral-based actions, and advertising. We've built what we call the OS, or the
baseline infrastructure, to allow all companies to come inside this space and scale
whatever applications they have in Web3.

We hear the words “next-generation internet” a lot whenever Cosmic Wire comes to the table. Tell us, how are you working to elevate the Web3 ecosystem?

Jerad: As a company, we believe that spatial web and spatial computing are the future
of how the Internet will be consumed. Through a blend of patented mesh technology and
pending patents in file format, compression, and codec(s) development, we have
established a proprietary full-stack solution enabling the seamless live-streaming of
volumetric captured content in high-fidelity, delivering immersive 3D experiences on any
device with an internet connection.

It’s truly a fundamental shift in how individuals and businesses engage online, and we're
building the infrastructure that will elevate the Web3 ecosystem, unlocking its
transformative potential and empowering users to navigate the next-generation internet
with confidence and trust.

Are we right in thinking that Cosmic Wire is also capable of minimizing risks and preventing fraudulent activity in private gaming sessions? Could you tell us a bit about that?

Jerad: By embracing Web3's decentralized architecture, we aim to empower users with
greater control over their data and interactions, minimizing vulnerabilities associated with
centralized authorities and enhancing privacy and security. Our mission is to make it a
more transparent, secure, and inclusive online environment. Blockchain technology
allows us to eliminate centralized hubs and storage centers vulnerable to cyberattacks,
ensuring greater ownership and control over personal data. Users enjoy heightened
privacy in this true zero-trust environment, as their actions are dissociated from
identifiable individuals. This proactive approach fortifies user data against breaches,
aligning with Cosmic Wire's commitment to safeguarding user privacy across the internet
and fostering trust in private gaming sessions.

There’s also the case of integrating AI into games and promotions, too. How are you utilizing AI to flesh out your platform?

Jerad: Through very sophisticated algorithms, AI analyzes user data to tailor gaming
experiences, incentives, and promotional offers to individuals based on their preferences
and behaviors. Integrating AI into the platforms we’re building for clients helps transform
immersive user experiences through personalized gaming and promotional strategies.
This personalized approach fosters deeper engagement and enhances user satisfaction
and loyalty, ultimately driving the success of our clients’ platforms. It’s a win-win.
By continuously analyzing gameplay patterns and adjusting dynamics in real time, our
AI-driven systems maintain fairness and enjoyment for all players. This helps foster a
community of enthusiastic and satisfied gamers, which only helps grow our partners’

So, what’s next for Cosmic Wire? Do you have any major plans or potential projects in the works for 2024? If so, are there any dates that we should be penciling into our diaries?

Jerad: I’m excited about an upcoming announcement Cosmic Wire will make about a
gaming and Esports-focused company we recently acquired. It specializes in optimizing
computer performance and lowering the cost of ownership for gamers. They pioneered a
groundbreaking process guaranteeing a 35% increase in frames per second (FPS) and
a reduction in end-to-end latency by 2ms, significantly improving computer system
performance and extending lifespan. Expect to hear more about this in the coming

Any final words for our readers?

Jerad: To stay informed on all things Cosmic Wire, you can join our email list at or follow us on social media.

Much appreciated, Jerad. I wish you and the team at Cosmic Wire all the best for your future endeavors.

For more information on Cosmic Wire’s ongoing efforts to broaden the reach of Web3 technologies, be sure to check in with the team over on their official social handle here. Alternatively, you can visit their site for additional details here.

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