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FPS games offer one of the best action shooter experiences in the gaming world. Once you get hold of one, you are assured of action-packed adventures that will last you long hours. One of the outstanding titles in that genre is INDUSTRIA. Since its release in 2021, INDUSTRIA has garnered attention for its immersive FPS experience set in Cold War-era East Berlin. 

With INDUSTRIA II on the horizon, the community is bustling with excitement. Now, As we look forward to its release, we anticipate exciting changes and enhancements that will further enrich the gaming experience. With that in mind, let us compare everything INDUSTRIA Vs INDUSTRIA II.


Industria Launch Trailer

INDUSTRIA is a first-person shooter video game that immerses players in a narrative-driven adventure. Set in Cold War-era East Berlin, the game takes players on a journey into a parallel reality as they search for a missing colleague.

The game features atmospheric storytelling and immersive gameplay mechanics. Over and above that, it features stunning visuals inspired by the architectural style of 1980s East Berlin. INDUSTRIA offers players a unique and gripping experience as they unravel the mysteries of its captivating world.


Industria 2 - Official Announcement Trailer

INDUSTRIA II Is the sequel to the original game, expanding upon the universe established in the first instalment. It continues the narrative-driven FPS survival horror gameplay of its predecessor. The game promises a new setting, story, and more challenges to explore.

The game takes players to a parallel dimension with a different landscape. Similarly, the game promises fresh experiences while retaining the atmospheric storytelling and action-packed gameplay that fans enjoyed in the first game. 


Industria vs Industria 2

Industria follows Nora, who rushes to her workplace after getting a call from her friend Walter about their AI, Atlas, going haywire. When she arrives, she finds the place deserted except for hostile robots. Somehow, Nora ends up in a strange, abandoned world different from her own.

As she explores, Nora uncovers clues about Atlas and Walter's whereabouts. The story follows themes of love, mystery, and loneliness as Nora navigates through dangers and puzzles. It's a gripping journey that invites players to unravel the secrets of INDUSTRIA.

On the other hand, INDUSTRIA II continues Nora's journey after the first game's events. Still haunted by her past experiences, Nora faces a new challenge. Despite her attempts to repair Atlas and locate Walter, she realizes that the AI's corruption runs deeper than she initially thought.

In this sequel, Nora embarks on a dangerous journey through a series of interconnected worlds, each posing its own dangers. Along the way, she encounters new allies and enemies. As Nora investigates the mystery surrounding Atlas, she uncovers more information about its origins and purpose.

INDUSTRIA II promises an engaging narrative, immersive atmosphere, and challenging gameplay. Notably, it promises to refine the gameplay and entire experience from its predecessor.



In INDUSTRIA, gameplay revolves around exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat. Players control Nora as she navigates through various environments, interacts with objects, and battles hostile machines. Combat is relatively simple, with players utilizing a variety of weapons to dispatch enemies.

INDUSTRIA II builds upon the gameplay of its predecessor with enhanced mechanics and new features. Players still explore diverse worlds and engage in combat encounters like never before. Notably, the game takes the survival horror experience of the predecessor a notch higher. 

Additionally, the sequel introduces deeper puzzle-solving elements, expanded exploration opportunities, and more diverse enemy types. INDUSTRIA II offers improved weapon mechanics, thereby allowing for more strategic approaches to combat. 

Additionally, INDUSTRIA will offer a compact indie adventure crafted by a dedicated team. It promises a 4-6-hour journey into gameplay. With immersive audio featuring full voice acting, dynamic music and cutting-edge visuals. Notably, it aims to provide a captivating experience.

Players can also expect more level designs, branching paths, and meaningful choices that impact the storyline and gameplay experience. Furthermore, the sequel will have a darker atmosphere and a slower pace compared to the first game. This means players will need to take their time and explore carefully to uncover all the secrets hidden within the game.

Both games share similar core gameplay elements, maintaining the survival horror theme. However, INDUSTRIA offers a more refined and expansive experience, providing players with deeper immersion and more engaging challenges to overcome.


INDUSTRIA - Teaser 2

INDUSTRIA II is still in the development stage. The Bleakmill team is working on making improvements to the game, including how it looks and plays. They're also adding a new feature where players can craft things, which should make the game more engaging.

INDUSTRIA will be released on both PC and consoles, but there's no official release date yet. Players can stay updated on the game's progress by checking for updates on Steam and our socials too. 

if INDUSTRIA II caught your interest, you might want to consider adding it to your wishlist ON Steam. By doing so, you'll receive notifications when it becomes available, ensuring you don't miss out on the opportunity to experience its captivating world first-hand .


Industria Next-Gen Review - The Final Verdict

The verdict on the gameplay of INDUSTRIA VS INDUSTRIA II ultimately depends on personal preferences and playstyle. However, if you value a simpler, more straightforward gameplay experience with a focus on exploration and combat, the first game may be the better choice. Its gameplay is more streamlined, making it accessible to a wider range of players. However, some may find its mechanics lacking depth and variety compared to the sequel.

On the other hand, if you enjoy more complex gameplay mechanics, deeper puzzle-solving elements, and expanded exploration opportunities, INDUSTRIA II offers a more robust experience. The sequel builds upon the foundation of the original game, introducing new features and improvements that enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Ultimately, if you enjoyed the first game, then you can expect more adventure in the sequel. INDUSTRIA II promises a more immersive and challenging gameplay experience. However, if simplicity and accessibility are more important to you, the first game still offers a compelling gameplay experience worth considering.

So, what’s your take on our comparison for INDUSTRIA VS INDUSTRIA II? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below. 


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