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Hellblade 2: 5 Things We Want



Ninja Theory teasing a second chapter for the dark fantasy saga Hellblade was hands down one of our greatest highlights from 2019. It’s a shame, really, that it hasn’t actually come to light yet, though judging from the footage that was revealed during The Game Awards a few short years back, its creators clearly seem to be going above and beyond to make the upcoming Hellblade 2 one of the cleanest, most anticipated video games of all time. Just as well, because its lack of noise has actually given us more time to speculate on the intricacies and other core elements that it’ll aim to employ.

At the time of writing, we can’t say for certain when the second leg of Senua’s journey will hit the table; it has been slated for 2024, though — which is something. Until it does arrive, however, here’s everything we’d honestly like to see come to light in the sequel. Take notes, Ninja Theory.

5. A Solid Foundation

We’ll be the first to admit that, in spite of its ability to spin an epic yarn during the initial announcement, we still don’t actually know what Hellblade 2 will even be yet. Sure, it’ll serve as a continuation to the original story, and it’ll feature a new and improved version of Senua, but that’s really all we know right about now, which of course raises the question — will it bite off more than it can chew, or will it settle for something a little less convoluted and encumbered?

It’s fair to say that Ninja Theory, being the overly ambitious studio that it is, won’t be taking any half measures with this one, which is both exciting and somewhat worrying all at the same time. Point is, there isn’t a great deal that needs implementing to make the sequel parallel to the original. In fact, bar a few minor tweaks to the combat and puzzles, Hellblade 2 really doesn’t need to prove itself, so to speak, but instead flesh out the blueprint that it was able to formulate back in 2017. In other words, we’re pinning our hopes on the sequel being a beefier version of the first game, and not a complete rewrite with one too many unnecessary ingredients.

4. A Mixture of Puzzles

If there was any particular thing that let the first chapter in the series down, it was its lack of diversity in the puzzle department. Granted, it was an alright concept at first, having to match up the runes with areas on the map to progress deeper into the world. Having said that, such a chore wound up becoming stale real fast, which actually made later sections of the game come across as a little repetitive and mundane. Here’s hoping, then, that the second leg in the journey will deliver something a little more, shall we say, unpredictable.

Sure enough, Hellblade is not a puzzle game by any means, but it does rely on them on various occasions to help steer the narrative and promote exploration. Given the fact that the sequel will be aiming to tap into all the same elements as the first, there’s a strong chance that there’ll be an equal amount of puzzle-solving to romp through as the first. And while we can’t say for certain whether or not it’ll be a longer game, per se, we can safely say that it’ll be twice as ambitious as the original, and, with a little luck, open to new ideas. Just don’t give us any more runes, please.

3. A Finessed Combat Formula

We’re not saying that the combat in the original Hellblade was bad or anything — but it was a little drab and uninspired compared to other combat-heavy story-driven titles. Was there room for improvement? Absolutely. Will Ninja Theory look to finesse the formula and give it a little more oomph in the second round? Who knows. Either way, we’d be lying if we said a few new mechanics wouldn’t be a treat in the sequel.

Of course, this isn’t to say Hellblade 2 should sit on par with the likes of Monster Hunter World and other combo-obsessed JRPGs. If anything, we’d really just like a bit more variety when it comes to tackling the combat, and not just settle for the same A-to-B dodge-and-parry pattern that robbed the original of so, so many would-be epic encounters.

2. Additional Lore

Truth is, there are tons of areas to expand on when it comes to Norse mythology, particularly in the beliefs and traditions department. Unfortunately, the first chapter in the saga only shed light on a small portion of it, and instead cast most of its focus onto smaller areas — mainly on pockets in which players could unravel a vague idea of the world, but never paint a proper portrait of it. And that’s a crying shame, truly, as there’s still so much that could be tapped into.

We’re not saying it’s a mandatory requirement, but to have the option to brush up on additional lore when out exploring the world would definitely boost the overall appeal of the sequel. Again, it isn’t a need, as such, but more of a full-fat want.

1. A Dillion Backstory

Not a whole lot is known about Dillion, other than the fact he was, at least before his tragic death, Senua’s dearly beloved. And it’s an odd one, to be fair, to be lumbered with the goal of embracing the icy depths of Helheim for the sake of restoring a soul that, to be honest, we never really knew all that much about.

Of course, we can’t help but notice that Senua has undergone something of a transformation since the first game, so it’s hard to say whether there’ll be any mention of Dillion in the sequel or not. It we had a say in it, though, then we’d definitely opt for the idea of slotting in the occasional backstory — if only to paint a clearer picture of his and Senua’s relationship and the motive that drew Senua to brave the trials of Helheim.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our five points? Will you be picking up a copy of Hellblade 2 when it eventually graces the shores? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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