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5 PlayStation Cinematics That Gave Us Goosebumps

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Whether it's a lump in your throat or a knot in the pit of your stomach — video games somehow always manage to find ways to extract emotions from our core. The sad part is, not all cinematics deserving of a platform find their way to the player, and many can often dwindle in the shadows next to the bulk of the plotline. And that truly is a shame, considering there are so many breathtaking cinematics out there, all brimming with vitality and raw emotion.

We played a lot of games last year. So many, that it's practically impossible trying to explore just five scenes that honestly left us with incredibly slender goosebumps. And it's because of that lofty list of cinematic gems, that we're inclined to sink into on all the major platforms at some point or another. But as for this moment, however, we're looking at PlayStation and its remarkable collection of riveting tales, mainly from last year, with the emotions brought to life still feeling fresh on our heartstrings. And so, without further ado, here are the five underrated cinematics that we think deserve way more credit. If that's at all possible.


*Spoilers in the cinematics ahead!*


5. Ryuzo Regrets (Ghost of Tsushima)

Ryuzo burns a villager after Khotun told him to earn his keep - Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima delivered on so many fronts that, even with the compressed island and restricted wriggle room, players were still able to engage in the story for the long haul. And let's face it, the biggest quality Tsushima homed was the residents themselves, with the entire population practically feeling like a second family from the get-go. However, of all the flesh and blood Ghost of Tsushima brought to life, one character managed to stand out a great deal more than others.

Ryuzo, without giving too much of the plotline away, is a character we initially believe to be a distant friend of the close-knit Tsushima chain. However, with the future idling between survival and sacrifice after the Mongolian army sets foot on the war-torn land, Ryuzo finds himself drawn to enemy lines, preparing to make sacrifices in order to secure his castaway soldiers' survival. To grasp it, however, he is left to bolster the enemy position and sacrifice chunks of Tsushima. And unfortunately, that leads to burning his own people, beckoning for innocent families to give themselves up, and, regrettably yielding to the powers that hold his conscience captive.


4. “Take on Me” (The Last of Us: Part II)

The Last of Us 2 - Ellie "Take on Me" Cover Song

It's fair to say that The Last of Us: Part II had a wide range of easter eggs and sneaky nuggets of joy. What it also had was a few straggling moments, usually tucked away in the darkest corners of the undead world. One of those moments, of course, was the heartwarming note between Ellie and Dina, huddled away in the back of a music store. Without a shred of brutality to spoil the moment, the few minute display essentially broke the chain and diverted to a faraway land, completely void of violence.

At first, you don't think “Take on Me” will be one of those phenomenal songs that transitions well on an acoustic guitar. But it turns out, weirdly enough — that there is so much beauty and relevance behind the words spoken through each heartfelt verse. And, coming from Ellie who, up until that moment had only really spilt blood and shivved zombies in the throat — it was a breath of fresh air players needed. If only for a few minutes before delving back into the apocalypse.


3. Spartan Relics (God of War)

God of War 4 - Kratos Finds Spartan Relics (God of War 2018) PS4 Pro

God of War hands down forged one of the most well-crafted narratives in video game history, with chapters swaying from blissful to nostalgic at every given crossroad. Also, the father-son relationship that was established from the get-go was one we had never seen before, and one we were desperate to watch unfold as the journey unravelled. With an uphill battle comprised of fatherhood, grievance and survival, Kratos had one of the heaviest obstacles to face with Atreus flying under his violent wing.

Pushing towards the climax of the long and winding journey to scatter his wife's ashes, Kratos stumbles upon a treasury filled with Spartan relics, all of which remind him of his days as the feared Ghost of Sparta. Fueled with regret and sorrow, Kratos obscures his past from Atreus, finally looking to break his history from the bond with his son. And from that, the two share a moment, for the first time since the relationship blossomed. Through a toast to the journey's end, the father and son duo share a drink before embarking on the final leg of the journey. It's a small moment, sure, but one we'll never forget.


2. Tifa & Cloud (Final Fantasy VII Remake)

Cloud ja Tifa share tears and a hug - Optional Scene | Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE in 4K | SPOILERS

When Final Fantasy fanatics realized that one of the most cherished chapters was being remade, emotions truly ran high on all fronts. Finally, Cloud's emotional journey was to be told in a brand new light, with all the nooks, crannies and verses being revamped for new hardware. Only, rather than restricting the tale to all the moments that composed the original, the remake instead bundled in an ocean of additional never-before-seen cinematics. And one of those optional scenes, of course, was the sweet moment between Cloud and Tifa.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has always done a first-class job at building Cloud up to be a canvas soldier, starved of warmth and compassion. However, locate the optional scene that sprouts from the remake, and you're gifted with a heartwarming section that completely breaks the common nexus with the character. Like finding a light in the storm, Cloud unlocks a trait that we rarely catch a glimpse of — and we can't help but gawp over the newfound persona that emerges from within.


1. One Last Ride (Red Dead Redemption 2)

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Arthur Morgan last ride ,,You are a good man''

While Red Dead Redemption isn't technically a PlayStation exclusive as such, it is a remarkable tale that comes to mind when thinking back on heartwarming tales. Of course, depending on how you treat your peers and support your community, your conclusion can either sway towards genuine beauty, or fall flat in a pit of misery. However, for the sake of this list, we'll assume that all the good deeds were done in order to capture the perfect closing chapter.

Arthur Morgan, being driven from a life of crime, finally reaches the fork in the road, already knowing that death knocks at his door, whatever the route. However, before greeting the scythe, we get to take one final ride through the country, ready to tie up loose ends before drawing the curtain. With a soothing soundtrack and a series of distant memories relaying over the journey, we're able to reminisce over our sixty-hour playthrough, teary-eyed and hopeful that the finale is anything but bittersweet. And that's an emotional trek we'll never forget. Like, ever.


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