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Hellblade 2 is the upcoming sequel to the underrated but still quite popular title Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. The first game featured a ton of psychological elements as well as gameplay that really got the player thinking. Hopefully, in the sequel, the developers can follow up on what was a fantastic game with another stellar entry. That being said, we have compiled all the information about the second game for you. So without further ado, here is Hellblade 2: Everything We Know.

5. The Game's Release Window

The release window for the game seems to be further and further down the line. As we wait with bated breath, we hope the game's production will go smoothly. So far, it has been slated for 2023 at the earliest, with some estimates reaching into 2024. Since the developers at Ninja Theory have gone on record saying that the game is not in full production yet, it is hoped that the team is hard at work. As a result, they will be able to capitalize on the positive reaction most players had to the first game.

So far, there haven't been any concrete announcements from the developers regarding a release date. Other than the fact that it could be slated for as late as 2024. This means that the production is probably still in its early stages, and we will have to wait and see things come to fruition. So to close, the release window for Hellblade 2 will most likely be 2023 at the earliest and even 2024 at the latest. Nevertheless, we shall eagerly await what is sure to be another stellar title from the folks at Ninja Theory.

4. The Focus on Combat

With the newer entry into the Hellblade series, the developers want to focus more on the game's combat. At the same time, the first game had moreso focused on the psychological elements of the game. With the sequel, it is hoped that they can bring more of a blend of the combat and story elements to light. In addition, at the time of developing the first title, there were as few as twenty people working on Hellblade. This likely contributed to the more basic combat system.

It is hoped that by improving upon the combat, the game will have more base appeal to players. However, the studio seems to have rallied around the game and seems to ramp up the production value of the sequel. Doing so will likely draw in many players who may have skipped out on the first title. The game looks stellar as it is to be developed for Unreal Engine 5 and utilizes its graphical power to the utmost effect. In closing, the game's combat looks to be a focus of the game developers moving forward. This is done with the intention of making the game a more palatable experience for players.

3. Xbox Exclusivity

As Ninja Theory is one of the game studios that Microsoft recently acquired. It seems that, at least for the time being, Hellblade 2 will be Xbox exclusive. The developers have gone on record as saying that with this new engine power, they will be able to far exceed the first game. This is undoubtedly due to the power of the Xbox Series X, which also offers much more graphical processing power than its competition.

Being an Xbox-exclusive title means that it will limit the fanbase quite a bit. There are many players who are able to play the Hellblade game on PlayStation. It seems, for the time being, they are being left behind. One of the newest features that the game will feature is photogrammetry technology. This will allow the game more graphical fidelity than ever. Hopefully, with the power of the Xbox Series X, this game will look as stunning as possible. So in closing, the game hopes to use the power of the Xbox console to become one of the premier exclusive titles for Xbox in the coming years.

2. The Story Takes A Darker Turn

The story for Hellblade has always taken a darker tone than most. With the sequel, however, things appear to take an even darker tone. The game appears to deal more with Senua's mental anguish. This focus means that we will likely see more twisted depictions of what plagues her. If the released trailer from the 2019 Game Awards is anything to go by, then we will have quite a disturbing journey on our hands.

The released trailer shows Senua dealing with some really demented things. We see her yelling and screaming throughout the trailer. This makes for a rather shocking introduction to what the new game will be like. In closing, the story appears to be even darker than before with it, dealing with the consequences of the first game. However, it seems we are in for quite a ride, as Hellblade 2 appears to show.

1. The Setting

With the sequel developers, Ninja Theory seeks to bring more authenticity to the game. This is shown in the way that they have scouted out locations for the game as well as captured audio on-site for the game. In addition, the developers were so thorough as even to plot out Senua's journey and visit the locations that will inspire the in-game locations. It is also essential that the actress that plays Senua also came along to get a feel for the environment and atmosphere. Hopefully, this will lend itself to a feeling of authenticity within the game.

The setting of Iceland is absolutely gorgeous and captures the spirit of the game rather well. The game features Nordic elements heavily, so it's great to see that they went to the source for these things to incorporate within the game. Additionally, a focus was given to capturing different biomes during development. That way, the environments within the game can become more varied than in the first title. In conclusion, the team at Ninja Theory appears to be pulling out all the stops to ensure that this game feels as authentic as possible, both in the way it is presented and what is shown.

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