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Guggimon and Mythic Weapons Are Playable In The Fortnite Battle Royale



Mythic weapons are playable in Season 8 of Fortnite and a virtual influencer will be smack dab in the Fortnite battle royale. Finding the exotic weapons may be a burden, but even if you do, you still need a substantial amount of gold bars to pay for them. The exotic weapons are sold by NPC’s (non-playable characters). Some of the exotic weapons are the Marksman Six Shooter, Chug Cannon (functionally a Bandage Bazooka at Retail Row), Storm Scout (a sniper rifle that tells you where the next storm cycle will form), Shadow Tracker (a suppressed pistol), and Night Hawk (a scoped revolver where the scope has thermal vision). 

The added character (Guggimon) is a competitively aggressive looking rabbit with millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram. If Superplastic gave Guggimon a simplistic look, people may not pay attention to the character, but if Fortnite gave Guggimon a simplistic look, nobody is going to go bananas. That is how powerful Fortnite is.

In Season 8, Guggimon has reunited with his best friend, Janky. Gamers are still tuned in over the in-game characters, Carnage and Venom. This has to be more intriguing than video games playable in in prison. Yes, in some prison, there are inmate tablet programs, where some DOC’s prove their tablets for free. Others would just allow the inmates to buy the tablet from the commissary.


Fortnite Season 8 Carnage & Venom Mythic Symbiote Weapons Location Guide (Boss Carnage & Venom?)

Available Items: 

  • Janky Outfit—A self-proclaimed street wear icon and indestructible stuntman
  • Janky’s Dead Fish Pickaxe—Discovered while dumpster diving for new fits
  • Janky’s Stunt Helmet Back Bling—Has taken numerous hits. 

According to HypeX, Epic Games is working on “sliding,” which will be a new movement type. While it is unclear if the sliding addition will be locked behind an item, it will indeed increase the field-of-view and allow your camera to shake. The shaking camera should make the ability to aim more challenging. Epic Games still has not addressed the leak, but if it is true, this story will be updated. 

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