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Ghost of Tsushima Movie Won’t Be Coming Anytime Soon



The movie adaptation of Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima may be in the cards, but it isn't likely to arrive anytime soon according to Sony.

Following the global success of Ghost of Tsushima, Sony revealed that it would be the next video game in line to receive a full-blown movie adaptation. And while this was shaping up to be the media giant's next big project, the concept itself was later put on the shelf in favor of other things. And now, well, it's looking as if it may be left out to dry for the foreseeable future.

“[Ghost of Tsushima] would be my favorite to do next,” director Chad Stahelski told Total Film. “Without going into crazy detail, it's something I'm super interested in. We have a really great script. We have a really good creative team behind it. It's just about getting all the business end of things locked in.”

Judging by this, half of the legwork has already been carried out on the film. Unfortunately, as made clear by the John Wick director, there are still several pieces that need aligning. But as for how long this will take is still anybody's guess at this point.

So, What's Happening?

“It's kind of in that little bit of flux where everybody is trying to tighten up the deal to get everything going, and to make sure we do the best with it,” Stahelski added. “It's a simple thing: getting a great script, and starting to put together a cast. It just takes a lot of moving parts.”

So, not quite the exciting news fans of the game were expecting. And yet, in spite it being at a complete standstill, there's still plenty of signs to indicate that it's at least being acknowledged by the Sony executives. Unfortunately, though, that's about all there is at this moment in time.

So, what's your take? Are you at all surprised by the latest update on the highly anticipated movie adaptation? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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