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Games on Steam: You and Whose Army?



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles this popular platform’s latest and greatest Indie games. Today, we will explore a fairy town, shoot the corpses in the wild west, and save our kingdom from unforgiving enemies.

Know by Heart

To kick things off, we have a thought-provoking adventure. Know by Heart follows the story of Misha, a young adult trapped in a dead-end job. Things start changing when he rekindles the relationship with old friends, which unlocks a lot of memories. Non-linear gameplay adds to replayability, but what really makes it stand out is a great atmosphere and emotional storyline. Bring your tissues and open up your heart, cause this is the one you won’t easily forget.

Know by Heart artwork

A trip down the memory lane Steam


If you are looking for a solid visual novel, I’d highly recommend Fayburrow. In it, we follow Beatrice, an amateur detective looking for her lost friend in a magical fairy town. While short, the game is incredibly charming and immersive, which led me to lose myself in the hour that I was playing it. It’s also completely free, so there’s no good reason to pass on it.

Games on Steam: Fayburrow

A mysterious detective novel Steam

Mago: The Villain’s Burger

Mago is a refreshing breath of pure old-school 2D platformer. You are a mage with a case of munchies, but things go sour as you eat the food from an evil emperor. Now, you are tasked with saving the princess and defeating the evil Gourmet. True, the story is very Super Mario, but what makes Mago stand out is how it completely captured the spirit of old SNES releases. So, we are talking about a strong prologue to the upcoming game that the older audience will enjoy.

Blood West

As a mysterious gunslinger that was brought back to life by native spirits, your job is to hunt demonic forces haunting the ol’ west. Taking them down won’t be easy, as you’ll have to savor each bullet to do so. The game also puts a lot of emphasis on stealth, so those of you looking for a hectic and bloody shooter will be disappointed. If you are still in, you may be gripped by a tight atmosphere, challenging enemies, and interesting RPG mechanics. All in all, Blood West is a cool mix between horror and western with a lot of potential.

Blood West gameplay

*Sigh* This is the last time I get a room in a motel Steam

Diplomacy is Not an Option

Lastly, we have a terrific combination of city builder, RTS, and a tower defense game. From the get-go, Diplomacy is Not an Option will place you in a series of epic battles, as the castle is sieged by thousands of enemy units. Aside from your troops, you will also have to deal with the usual stuff, like the economy, disease management, and stocking up on food. The game is quite hectic and difficult, but most of all it’s pretty fun.

Diplomacy is Not an Option gameplay

Develop a powerful army and save your kingdom Steam

There’s never a shortage of good games on Steam. You can find more recommendations here.

When he is not climbing ranks in League of Legends or battling the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, Marko writes about everything gaming related. He lives in Zagreb and is an ambitious Netflix addict.