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Games on Steam: Sweet Dreams



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles this popular platform’s latest and greatest Indie games. Today, we will find more about secret lives of cats, catch ghosts, and terraform a distant planet.

Cat Museum

In the beginning, there was a word – and it was meow. At least, that is something they would teach you in a Cat Museum, a bizarre hand-drawn adventure. With the help of your furry friend, you will solve weird puzzles to repair the museum and unlock its secrets. Cat Museum expertly mixes grotesque elements with an intriguing storyline that can easily make you emotional. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for something weird and memorable.

Superbugs: Awaken

Let's stay with the cats for a bit, as your friend Mimi really needs your help. He's been attacked by Superbugs, and to save him you will need to jump in his disgusting body and coordinate your moves with another player. You can play as a Scientist or Hunter, and each time you use your skills your teammate will suffer. This makes for interesting gameplay in which proper communication is the key to staying alive. Plus, there are a lot of variations of Superbugs, so getting rid of them will certainly not be easy. The game is very funny, challenging, and addictive, which is a combo that made me glued to a screen for quite some time.

Games on Steam: Superbugs

A chaotic, fast-paced action game set in a cats body Steam

Syberia: The World Before

Next, we have a great point-and-click adventure that spans over 70 years and multiple continents. In Syberia, you take the role of 2 female protagonists: a young pianist Dana living through the dawn of WWII, and Kata – a woman who just escaped from a salt mine. Both will have to make tough choices that will determine the way story unfolds and, possibly, their future. Syberia is very atmospheric and puts a lot of emphasis on the exploration of its evocative world. As the pieces started forming a picture, you'll see that it has an unpredictable story that will stay with you for a while.

Planet Crafter

True to its name, Planet Crafter tasks you with mastering everything you need to terraform a hostile planet and make it livable. First, you'll have to gather various minerals and other resources that'll help you establish a base. Then, you can focus on creating machines that will create the biosphere and heat up the ol' cold planet. When that is done, we can talk about creating and spreading life. Planet Crafter gives you a lot to manage while remaining relaxing and addictive. It's as if Subnautica took place on Mars, but with enough variety to keep you occupied for months.

Planet Crafter gameplay

Terraforming has never been so satisfying Steam

Midnight Ghost

Lastly, we have a wacky hide-and-seek game that involves supernatural. In Midnight Ghost, you can play as a Ghost or as one of the Hunters that tracks them down. If they spot you, you can use your telekinetic abilities and other superpowers to get out of the situation quick. On the other hand, Hunters have a lot of hi-tech gadgets ranging from Spectrophone to salt-spewing shotguns, that make your survival questionable. Midnight Ghost is very fun and easy to learn, with a lot of room to grow.

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