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Games on Steam: A Descent Into Madness



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles this popular platform’s latest and greatest Indie games. Today, we will talk about what it takes to be a grim reaper, the best ways to avoid a flying deer head, and why you should never dive in a submarine.

Submerged: Hidden Depths

To start, we have a relaxing open-world adventure. Submerged lets us explore a mysterious sunken world that is now filled with mesmerizing creatures. However, the whole world is dying, and it's up to you to find out how to stop this from happening.  The game doesn't contain any combat, and instead puts focus on solving puzzles and finding collectibles that let you piece the story together. All in all, this is a beautiful and charming sim that holds a lot of secrets for you to uncover.

Iron Lung

Iron Lung is a short, yet intense, experience. You are trapped in a submarine, and things are not looking so good. Something might be moving around you, but your senses are limited to a grainy camera and proximity sensor, which don't give a full picture of your surroundings. As such, Iron Lung focuses on building a constant sense of dread, which it does remarkably well. Overall, the game has a fresh concept and an amazing atmosphere. With these 2 features, it should appeal to the fans of minimalistic Indie horror games.

Iron Lung gameplay

A terrifying Indie that can be played on a potato Steam

Golden Light

Golden Light is a bizarre survival horror/comedy that will surely make you question your sanity. As you descend into the Gut to find your loved one, you will be met by a variety of batshit characters like talking bicycle, flying deer heads, and corrupted fetuses. And not all of them have your best interests in mind. Both weapons and levels are completely randomized, which adds to the chaos and eerie atmosphere that is constantly present. Think Silent Hill meets psychedelia and you will come close to what Golden Light is all about. And that still isn't enough to describe the madness that follows.

Games on Steam: Golden Light

One of the weirdest games on Steam Steam

Have a Nice Death

Have a Nice Death shows us how being a grim reaper is not all fun and games. As your employees grew lazy and messed up your holiday plans, it's time to grab your ol' rusty scythe and wreak some havoc. Actually, you have over 30 weapons at your disposal, so hacking through enemies always feels fresh. Add to this dozen of upgrades, a procedurally generated map, and charming characters, and it's easy to see how Have a Nice Death became so popular.

Have a nice death gameplay

It's time to kill some assholes! Steam

Core Keeper

Lastly, we have an addictive sandbox adventure. Core Keeper puts you in an ancient cave where you will search for a mysterious relic. On your way, you will have to mine, build your base, farm design equipment, fight against giant monsters, and more. Although it can be played solo, the real fun starts online, where you can play with up to 7 people. Core Keeper is an excellent mix of Vallheim and Terraria, and I can see it become really popular in the next few month.

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