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Games on Steam: A New Beginnings

Games on Steam: A New Beginnings



Games on Steam: A New Beginnings

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we will cover the benefits of summoning a firey tornado, the easiest way to defeat yokai, what to do on a Meditterranean island, and more.


Let’s start this edition with an excellent fantasy battle royale. In Spellbreak, you will be fighting other players as a battlemage. So far, there are 5 different classes, each of which requires a different playstyle and can be further upgraded with talents. However, the real fun starts when you acquire magic gauntlets that let you combine elements in new ways. Summon electrified clouds and fiery tornadoes, and wreak havoc all around the Hollow Lands.

The Wind and Wilting Blossom

Set in the Heian period, The Wind and Wilting Blossom is rich with history and folklore. Despite the poetic title,  here we are talking about a challenging tactical RPG/roguelite where you will fight various yokai monsters in a turn-based style. In each unique playthrough, you will recruit numerous allies like monks, poets, farmers, and even ninjas. The game also features an engaging story and a ton of unlockable content that will keep you coming back.

The wind and wilting blossom gameplay

Experience alternate Japan in this wacky RPG  Steam


TheDawn is a 3rd person shooter that revolves around time manipulation. It follows the story of a psychic girl Maya and a hacker called Max who is helping her save the world from a powerful AI. The gameplay, although a bit simple, runs very smoothly. All in all,  if you are looking for a quick badass game to kill an hour or two, TheDawn certainly delivers.

Games on Steam: The Dawn

Who is up for a little firework? Steam

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Next, we have a casual adventure that is all about the feels. Set on a beautiful Meditterranean island, Alba will take you on a mesmerizing wildlife exploration. However, as you realize that animals are in danger, it’s time that you do something about this. Can you find volunteers and make a difference?  Despite the subject, Alba has a relaxing atmosphere and is brimming with personality at every step.

Alba gameplay

A feel-good adventure Steam

Shady Part of Me

Lastly, we have a poetic journey of a young girl. Filled with breathtaking visuals, Shady Part of Me takes a detour into the darker parts of her personality. As the game progresses, you will have to learn how to live and evolve with your shadow. Although short, Shady Part of me is very immersive and has a lot of surprises in the store.  All in all, this is a beautiful narrative experience with interesting puzzles that will stay with you for a while.Games on Steam: Shady Part of Me A Dreamy Adventure Steam

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