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Fortnite: Update V12.40 receives changes to maps and grenades

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This week’s V12.40 update didn’t have much news when it came to new items or weapons. However, there were important changes in maps and in some small things, preparing for a future event. Below in this article you can check all the changes of this update.

Map changes

The Shark POI map has been completely redesigned. The place now after this update looks like a modern prison. Containing guard towers, cells and also a basketball court. Heading east along the coast, there is now a small island. Before the update, a small shed was noticed. Now, it seems that this has become part of the prison, having a large underground layer. This is intended to house only one prisoner.

The Shark POI map has been completely redesigned. (Image: Happy Power)

In Lazy Lake, Titled Towers' No Sweat Insurance building appeared. If you rotate around the map, you can notice several signs that advertise the building. The question that remains is that this could be a sign that Tilted Towers would be returning? We do not know. But finally we can say that the hatches that appeared in the previous update around the agency, have returned to shine. What is certain is that this will generate major changes in the near future.

New Rocket Launcher, “MythicBop”

iFireMonkey leaked information that a new Rocket Launcher appeared in the game files. As little as you know, this device can stop helicopters and with just one blow it can destroy vehicles. This clip below taken from Twitter, contains the audio files.

If we think that the aim of the launcher is only the destruction of vehicles, it will be a good addition. However, if this RPG has any effect on the player versus player, the game will have a very destructive impact.

”Doomsday Device”

FortTory released some findings on April 11 and April. He noted that the “Doomsday Device” could explore the concept of espionage and agencies of the season. This in a very impactful way. He noted three separate items in the game files, including:

  • Doomsday Device;
  • Hatch;
  • Door.


What is not known is whether these devices will be added in this weekly update. This we will find out in due course.

What many fans point out is that some bugs definitely need to be resolved and removed. Seasonal / live events tend to take months to create, but it’s interesting to see new files arrive at this point.

Event leak

One thing that caught a lot of attention was a possible leak. A popular Fortnite leaker @ Lucas7yoshi posted on his Twitter a “MASSIVE” news, He released that “An event currently just called” Jerky “is in the works, relavant to previous tweet. The playlist used for, the end, marshmello, etc. was modified with the name “Jerky”. There's no goal score before the event. Hang out and have fun before the event starts. ” With the recent news that the second season will be extended until June, maybe a big event is really coming.

Other Changes

Other changes were noted in this Update. The compass that is inserted at the top of the screen, will flash indicating directions of the photos nearby. The enemy fire will be displayed in red. The friendly fire will be orange / yellow. This setting cannot be enabled or disabled, but simply a new HUD feature.

@HYPEX shared other changes from this update. Discovering the Dual Suppressed Pistols that have been added to the game files, but are not available for use. Files were found suggesting that a new shotgun might be in progress. And not to lose the custom, @HYPEX released some other news. Skins, emotes and cosmetics to be released over the next month.

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