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Fortnite: the best shotguns in the game

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In Fortnite, shotguns have been very useful in the three-year history of the game so far. Since the game's launch, players have been able to access several shotguns. This has resulted from a good job that Epic Games has made available to its players. Some shotguns went, others came, but they all impacted Fortnite in some way. The question remains: which is the best? We decided to make a ranking with the best shotguns in the game.


Drum Shotgun is one of the seven best shotguns in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

As a reminder, we should go back to Chapter 1 Season 9. Drum Shotgun came with common, unusual and rare variants. It had its useful short video, which makes to have a distance memory on the weapon. Its best features were its short-range damage output. The rare version granted 50 maximum damage with a shot rate of 4.0 and 12 shots per magazine. A disadvantage of this weapon was its stability at a distance. The versatility left much to be desired. After leaving Fortnite in Season X, many did not request the return of Drum Shotgun.


Charge Shotgun is one of the seven best shotguns in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

Charge Shotgun debuted in Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 3. Epic Games traded the beloved Pump Shotgun for Charge. It has a similar appearance to the Bomb, however, quite different in practice. It forces players to start a charge sequence for optimal damage. Unfortunately, the loading aspect slows down the combat and makes Fortnite look clumsy. One of the redeeming qualities of Charge Shotgun is its damage production. Having a maximum damage of 120. In short, the Charge Shotgun falls short of expectations.


Double Barrel Shotgun is one of the seven best shotguns in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

The Double Barrel Rifle has spent two full seasons in Fortnite's active weapons. From season 5 to season 7, players got their hands on this very powerful weapon. It boasted a legendary and epic variant. With the Legendary version, the shotgun hit 120 damage, without a shot to the head. Power was his selling point, but it just didn't offer much more. Her accuracy was very important. The Cano Dupl Shotgun has been out of the picture for some time, but it is undoubtedly a fun trick item that should resurface.


Fortnite Battle Royale recebe nova Heavy Shotgun - Your Games Zone

Heavy Shotgun is one of the seven best shotguns in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

Another weapon that was experimental is the Heavy Shotgun, used for the first time in the third season. This weapon is very similar to the traditional Pump Shotgun, but it is superior in two areas. This shotgun fires much faster and also exceeds the Pump's range. From a damage perspective, the epic version of the Heavy Shotgun deals with 3, while the Legendary version deals with 74. With the headshot multiplier, the Heavy Shotgun punches, but does not eliminate the opponent with the full shield. Heavy Shotgun has been collecting dust in the Vault since the 77th Season. We hope to return one day.


Tactical Shotgun is one of the seven best shotguns in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

Since the beginning of Fortnite, Tactical Shotgun has been a mainstay when it comes to Shotguns. In patch 1.6 it was released, bringing a different approach from the others. This weapon offered a more friendly alternative to the bomb rifle. It offers a common, unusual, rare, epic and legendary variation, with a multitude of damage ranges and a rapid fire rate. In total, the common Tactical Shotgun deals 68 damage. The legendary version, 83 damage.

However, its usefulness comes from the fire rate of 1.5, which is the third only behind Combat and Drum Shotgun. The Tactical Shotgun requires less precision than most other shotguns. It has never been in the vault since it was launched, and we hope it doesn't come out anytime soon. Players love to play with it, confidence in the rate of fire is what makes it a success.


Pump Shotgun is one of the seven best shotguns in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

Pump Shotgun is one of the basic items in Fortnite, as it has been around since the game's release. It's what you'd expect from a typical bomb-action rifle in any other first or third person shooter. However, Pump did not get all the attention from Epic Games like Tactical. Since its debut in the first season of Fortnite: Battle Royale, the bomb rifle has been in the vault twice. In Chapter 1 Season 9 Epic removed it and put Combat in its place. And again removed in Chapter 2 Season 3 replaced by the Loading Rifle. Nothing is more satisfying in Fortnite than hitting an 200-point bomb on an opponent. We hope that the bomb rifle will return in a future update.


Combat Shotgun is one of the seven best shotguns in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

Introduced in Chapter 1 Season 9, Combat Shotgun has become the preferred weapon for players, casual and professional. Its versatility was almost unmatched, with a rate of fire of 1.85 and up to 80 damage without a headshot multiplier. Ten shots per magazine allowed plenty of room for error and did not punish inaccurate shots.

What is most striking about the Combat Rifle is its range. Before an adjustment, the combat rifle could connect with shots up to 100 meters. Epic Games ended up reducing the distance to 60 meters. Even so, the Fortnite World Cup became a staple. The combat rifle is unquestionably the strongest in the three-year history of Battle Royale. He entered the dreaded safe in Season X and never saw the light of day again. There is no doubt about its effectiveness, maybe one day we will see it reappear in Fortnite.


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