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Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 wish list

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The launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is closer, despite the delays that have already occurred. Millions of players hope to one day win a Battle Royale title or even a Victory Royale. Each season of Fortnite that is released generates many theories, leaks, excitement, nervousness and curiosity. This time around, will an event called “The Device” change the current map for better or for worse?

But the question remains, what exactly is going to change in this new season? Will we have new weapons? New vehicles? Items? Perhaps some memorable skins will return? While we wait, we quote a wish list for this new season.

Tilted Towers

Almost half of an entire lobby would converge to that location. (Image: Epic Games)

Younger Fortnite fans may not understand the real meaning of Tilted Towers. Added in Season 2, Titled Towers quickly became the ideal place for players who wanted a challenge. Almost half of a lobby went down to that location. There, a bloodbath took place, resulting in many eliminations and only one or two winners.

Titled Towers was one of the first unique locations in Fortnite. The tall buildings, the number of players and the individual battles have secured a place in Fortnite's history books. We hope that in Chapter 2 Season 3 the Tilted Towers will return, thus reliving the old days of Fortnite.

Old School Skins and Emotes

It is rumored that Renegade Raider will be back at the item store. (Image: Epic Games)

Since we're talking about the old days, Fortnite skins and emoticons have evolved a lot from what they were in seasons 1 and 2. We've come a long way since the days of Renegade Raider, Black Knight and Floss. We now have Star Wars and Borderlands skins to accompany our Rick Roll and Toosie Slide emoticons. However, already something strange in the old school emotes and skins. Some of them are unique and players deserve a chance to buy them, or win.

It is difficult to say precisely what Chapter 2 of Season 3 will bring to the Fortnite fan base. According to the recent PlayStation Store leak, it appears to point to an underwater theme. What does this mean for skins and emoticons? You can't tell at that moment. But perhaps this would be the best time to get some old people out of retirement and put them back in the game.

It is rumored that Renegade Raider will be back at the item store. That likelihood became even more possible after the recent relaunch of the Recon Expert cover. Fortunately, fans will see some old skins, like Skulltrooper or Dark Voyage, returning in season three.

In-Game Rewards for Arena Mode

Fortnite has none of that in Arena mode, which is often criticized. (Image: Epic Games)

The best Esports titles offer rewards for competitive gameplay. Rainbow Six Siege for example rewards players with a weapon spell for the largest division achieved in the season. It is not very important, however, it attracts and encourages players to achieve a better ranking someday. Fortnite has none of that in Arena mode, which is often criticized. It's not that Arena mode is bad, but perhaps there is a lack of extra incentive for players.

With that, the tournaments feature the best players in the world, who play eight to twelve hours a day. Rainbow Six Siege has a definitive separation between professional and casual players. Casual players are unlikely to reach the Pro League, but there is an incentive to play Ranked Mode. Epic Games should offer players skins, picks, emotes or even sprays for their hard work in Arena mode. It is an exaggeration to ask, but the recent revelation by the Machado de Campeões provides a glimpse of hope.

A Variety of Items, Weapons and Locations

Crash Pads and Choppers were exciting new additions last season, but fans deserve much more. (Image: Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 2 has been very calm since its launch. Without much to explain, Epic Games made changes to its Battle Royale mode. Seasons 2 through X changed almost weekly, with new weapons, items and locations. For some inexplicable reason, the developers decided to discontinue changes to all of the above. Crash Pads and Choppers were added last season, but fans deserve more.

Weekly changes have admittedly been out of control at times. However, we cannot forget what made Fortnite unique in the first place. The different items, weapons and vehicles became essential for a memorable game experience. Somewhere along the way, the developers decided to adjust their adjustments to a minimum. Certainly fans don't want a new map and weapons every week. But even so, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 will bring something that made Fortnite an excellent game.

No Mythic Weapons

Each boss carried a weapon that could tear the enemy's shields and health without giving in. (Image: Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 introduced new POIs under the theme of secret agents. The locations of the Agency, Grotto, Platform, Yacht and Shark feature all of the boss's non-playable characters (NPCs). Each chief carried a weapon that could easily tear the enemy's ears and health. If we disregard the Deadpool Pistols, the most serious criminals were Skye's mythical assault rifle, Brutus's Minigun and Midas's pistol. Only these three weapons increase your team's chances of reaching a Victory Royale.

However, these mythical weapons leave an unfair playing field, that in the casual and competitive. The damage caused by the three most significant mythical weapons was difficult to overcome and easy to use. The Minigun does 252 damage per second, for example. Skye Grappler can also be used by players to quickly move around the map. Mythical weapons are a trick that developers hope to smooth out or remove in the coming seasons.

Patch Notes

The latest Fortnite v11.50 update note was released on February 5. (Image: Epic Games)

When it comes to update notes, casual and competitive players feel bad. It's been four long months since Epic Games has released a series of update notes for Battle Royale mode updates. The February 5 update notes for Fortnite v11.50 featured the reintroduction or Release Platforms and the implementation of the Unreal Engine Chaos engine. Since then, only a silence on weekly and fortnightly notes. Epic Games has stopped releasing those notes, and no one knows why.

Many theories as to why no more patch notes come out. Fortnite fans and players are undoubtedly some of the most challenging to be satisfied week by week. Frequent update notes set fire to the Fortnite community. This uproar led to a decrease in patches. Patch notes, at a minimum, provide players with information about the direction of their game of choice.

Developers must maintain communication with players to ensure that feedback is not invisible or unheard of. The Trello board is an excellent option for mistakes, but why not correct notes? Positive thinking or not, let's hope that Epic returns to the patch note for the sake of the players' sanity.

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