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Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 wish list

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 wish list



The launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is closer, despite the delays that have already occurred. Millions of players hope to one day win a Battle Royale title or even a Victory Royale. Each season of Fortnite that is released generates many theories, leaks, excitement, nervousness and curiosity. This time around, will an event called “The Device” change the current map for better or for worse?

But the question remains, what exactly is going to change in this new season? Will we have new weapons? New vehicles? Items? Perhaps some memorable skins will return? While we wait, we quote a wish list for this new season.

Tilted Towers

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 wish list

Almost half of an entire lobby would converge to that location. (Image: Epic Games)

Younger Fortnite fans may not understand the real meaning of Tilted Towers. Added in Season 2, Titled Towers quickly became the ideal place for players who wanted a challenge. Almost half of a lobby went down to that location. There, a bloodbath took place, resulting in many eliminations and only one or two winners.

Titled Towers was one of the first unique locations in Fortnite. The tall buildings, the number of players and the individual battles have secured a place in Fortnite’s history books. We hope that in Chapter 2 Season 3 the Tilted Towers will return, thus reliving the old days of Fortnite.

Old School Skins and Emotes

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 wish list

It is rumored that Renegade Raider will be back at the item store. (Image: Epic Games)

Since we’re talking about the old days, Fortnite skins and emoticons have evolved a lot from what they were in seasons 1 and 2. We’ve come a long way since the days of Renegade Raider, Black Knight and Floss. We now have Star Wars and Borderlands skins to accompany our Rick Roll and Toosie Slide emoticons. However, already something strange in the old school emotes and skins. Some of them are unique and players deserve a chance to buy them, or win.

It is difficult to say precisely what Chapter 2 of Season 3 will bring to the Fortnite fan base. According to the recent PlayStation Store leak, it appears to point to an underwater theme. What does this mean for skins and emoticons? You can’t tell at that moment. But perhaps this would be the best time to get some old people out of retirement and put them back in the game.

It is rumored that Renegade Raider will be back at the item store. That likelihood became even more possible after the recent relaunch of the Recon Expert cover. Fortunately, fans will see some old skins, like Skulltrooper or Dark Voyage, returning in season three.

In-Game Rewards for Arena Mode

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 wish list

Fortnite has none of that in Arena mode, which is often criticized. (Image: Epic Games)

The best Esports titles offer rewards for competitive gameplay. Rainbow Six Siege for example rewards players with a weapon spell for the largest division achieved in the season. It is not very important, however, it attracts and encourages players to achieve a better ranking someday. Fortnite has none of that in Arena mode, which is often criticized. It’s not that Arena mode is bad, but perhaps there is a lack of extra incentive for players.

With that, the tournaments feature the best players in the world, who play eight to twelve hours a day. Rainbow Six Siege has a definitive separation between professional and casual players. Casual players are unlikely to reach the Pro League, but there is an incentive to play Ranked Mode. Epic Games should offer players skins, picks, emotes or even sprays for their hard work in Arena mode. It is an exaggeration to ask, but the recent revelation by the Machado de Campeões provides a glimpse of hope.

A Variety of Items, Weapons and Locations

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 wish list

Crash Pads and Choppers were exciting new additions last season, but fans deserve much more. (Image: Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 2 has been very calm since its launch. Without much to explain, Epic Games made changes to its Battle Royale mode. Seasons 2 through X changed almost weekly, with new weapons, items and locations. For some inexplicable reason, the developers decided to discontinue changes to all of the above. Crash Pads and Choppers were added last season, but fans deserve more.

Weekly changes have admittedly been out of control at times. However, we cannot forget what made Fortnite unique in the first place. The different items, weapons and vehicles became essential for a memorable game experience. Somewhere along the way, the developers decided to adjust their adjustments to a minimum. Certainly fans don’t want a new map and weapons every week. But even so, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 will bring something that made Fortnite an excellent game.

No Mythic Weapons

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 wish list

Each boss carried a weapon that could tear the enemy’s shields and health without giving in. (Image: Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 introduced new POIs under the theme of secret agents. The locations of the Agency, Grotto, Platform, Yacht and Shark feature all of the boss’s non-playable characters (NPCs). Each chief carried a weapon that could easily tear the enemy’s ears and health. If we disregard the Deadpool Pistols, the most serious criminals were Skye’s mythical assault rifle, Brutus’s Minigun and Midas’s pistol. Only these three weapons increase your team’s chances of reaching a Victory Royale.

However, these mythical weapons leave an unfair playing field, that in the casual and competitive. The damage caused by the three most significant mythical weapons was difficult to overcome and easy to use. The Minigun does 252 damage per second, for example. Skye Grappler can also be used by players to quickly move around the map. Mythical weapons are a trick that developers hope to smooth out or remove in the coming seasons.

Patch Notes

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 wish list

The latest Fortnite v11.50 update note was released on February 5. (Image: Epic Games)

When it comes to update notes, casual and competitive players feel bad. It’s been four long months since Epic Games has released a series of update notes for Battle Royale mode updates. The February 5 update notes for Fortnite v11.50 featured the reintroduction or Release Platforms and the implementation of the Unreal Engine Chaos engine. Since then, only a silence on weekly and fortnightly notes. Epic Games has stopped releasing those notes, and no one knows why.

Many theories as to why no more patch notes come out. Fortnite fans and players are undoubtedly some of the most challenging to be satisfied week by week. Frequent update notes set fire to the Fortnite community. This uproar led to a decrease in patches. Patch notes, at a minimum, provide players with information about the direction of their game of choice.

Developers must maintain communication with players to ensure that feedback is not invisible or unheard of. The Trello board is an excellent option for mistakes, but why not correct notes? Positive thinking or not, let’s hope that Epic returns to the patch note for the sake of the players’ sanity.

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Valorant: Rewards, Competitive and Valorant Ranked Mode

Valorant: Rewards, Competitive and Valorant Ranked Mode



Valorant Ranked Mode contains patents. The largest with three subdivisions each, ranging from Iron to Radiant. A similar way to the links in League of Legends. According to Riot Games’ tactical FPS performance, it is possible to obtain rewards according to rankings. The competitive mode has the same idea of matches without classification, but with the use of a Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system.

Riot does not provide the score obtained or lost for each match. There is a system based on the performances of the game’s players, which can evolve and regress from rank or subdivision. This oscillation occurs based on performances, individual or collective, within competitive games.

There is even the possibility of regression of classification depending on a losing streak. This happens on most occasions, with poor individual presentations. Check out the guide involving everything about how Valorant ranks work:

Valorant Ranked Mode, rewards and deadlines

From the standpoint of rankings, there are eight divisions in all. In order from smallest to largest, they are: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and Radiant. With the exception of Radiante, all others have three subdivisions. They can be progressed according to the competitive performance of the player.

Valorant: Rewards, Competitive and Valorant Ranked Mode

Valorant Ranked Mode and their respective ratings. (Image: Riot)

Regarding rank progression, each user will be able to monitor the progress of their ranking at each Valorant Act. These acts will last for two months. During this period, it will be possible to obtain rewards. These rewards have not yet been revealed and should follow the same line of League of Legends. They are usually released at a time near the end of each season.

Therefore, it seems that the prizes will be according to the ranking obtained in that final period. As an example, if a player arrives at Radiante and ends the season in Diamante III, it is the last classification that will be taken into account to reward and take into consideration in the future.

How it works?

Overall, Valorant ranks follow the same logic as normal matches. With the maximum limit of 25 rounds and the victory of the team that reaches 13th point first. To qualify them, you must complete 20 games in the No Classification mode and, after five ranked matches played, your classification will be made available among eight ranks with three subdivisions each, except for the Radiant which, in addition to being unique, cannot be achieved soon right away.

From now on it is possible to form teams with friends during ranked matches. Even if, given the proportions, there is a big difference between skill levels, it will still be possible.

For example, if you are a user classified as Diamond, Immortal or Radiant, and you want to play with a friend who is starting the game, managing Competitive Mode will not allow them to join the queue together, in order to protect competitive integrity and the experience of other players.

Valorant: Rewards, Competitive and Valorant Ranked Mode

Players of different rankings will be able to play together. (Image: Riot)

In fact, the player’s ranking does not regress with time, but is hidden if he does not play competitively for the period of 14 days. On the other hand, the rank will be displayed again after completing a competitive match. Something similar to what happens in CS: GO, for example.

MMR and scoring system

There is a Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system, or Match Manager Score, as used in League of Legends to define the ranking of your players. In this case, the mechanism does not provide a visible value and raises many doubts about its operation.

By the way, winning matches is the most important factor among all the available coefficients to move up in rank or ranking. On the other hand, if the player has an excellent performance in the respective game, he can rise even faster. Likewise, losing matches and showing poor performance, when compared to previous results, can also result in lowering your rank.

Valorant: Rewards, Competitive and Valorant Ranked Mode

Winning matches is the most important factor in ranking up in Valorant Ranked Mode. (Image: Riot)

The individual presentation of the player, in each match, will have a great impact on the initial assessment of his abilities. It will start to import less and less as it evolves. That is, Competitive Mode will also calculate your dedication to matches. Specifically in the Radiant rank, winning wins and dedicating to matches will be the only factors calculated.

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Fortnite: Summer Splash and Fortnite Patch 13.20

Fortnite: Summer Splash and Fortnite Patch 13.20



Available on Tuesday (30) by Epic Games, Fortnite Patch 13.20 includes new items and several bug fixes. Among the main highlights are the arrival of the Flag. Item that has been required by the Battle Royale community since Season 9 of Chapter 1. In addition, the Portable Upgrade Bench. The update is already on the public servers of PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Also, this Tuesday (30th), the start of the Summer Splash event in Fortnite was announced. It will be available until the end of Season 3 and has several new features. It celebrates summer in the Northern Hemisphere and will rotate and launch Limited Time Modes (MTLs). In addition, it promotes the appearance of both known and new skins, with the theme of sand, sports and food.

Fortnite Patch 13.20

The main changes in this Update were the Flag and Portable Improvement Bench. Specifically in the case of the Beacon, the item arrives as a new way to destroy buildings. Since it follows the line of the newly added Glass of Fireflies and can set fire to wooden fortifications. In addition, the weapon has a cartridge of six bullets, which cause about 60 damage to opponents in the event of an individual and direct hit. In addition to having 1.5 seconds of cooldown to explode.

Fortnite: Summer Splash and Fortnite Patch 13.20

Flag is the big news in Fortnite Patch 13.20. (Image: Epic Games)

The Portable Improvement Banking, in turn, improves items, which is not a novelty. It can be found at different points around the map. In fact, to obtain the item, simply destroy it normally with the collection tool to be made available in the inventory, with the options of fixing it in any other location.

Although it has not been officially released by Epic Games, there are reports of some users of the game who notice the decrease in water level and the revelation of new locations after the introduction of the update. It is worth remembering that the publisher confirmed that water levels will decrease as the season progresses.

Check below all the issues resolved in this update by Epic Games.

General Problems

  • Styles for Specialist Pick and Arroio Backpack do not appear;
  • Travi $ gesture fire remains on or near the player;
  • Gesture music plays louder than main stage music at the Festa Royale;
  • Hairstorm Sandstorm Costume.

Battle Royale

  • Falling damage when landing in shallow water;
  • Epic and Legendary SMGs cannot always be exchanged;
  • Damage to Looters can contribute to the Storm Outbreak;
  • Healing Heals does not recover life if thrown into a bush;
  • Supply delivery can push items down the map.

Save the world

  • Storm King area attacks cover the map with a pink texture;
  • Softlock/Loss of UI functionality when opening a Llama in the Llama Store;
  • Mortar projectiles can damage players or targets near a wall.


  • Switch between construction and combat modes while holding the shoot button.

Summer Splash Event

Throughout the extension of “Summer Splash“, players will be able to enjoy the rotation of classic MTLs. Like Fog of War, Immediate Encounters, Straight from the Vault, Pega, among others. In addition, in addition to these modes having special features in the future, there will also be new ones in a future update, including a new approach to “Operation: Knockout!”, Which will involve improvement with each elimination of opponents.

Likewise, the event will include new costumes, such as Peer Patrol, Soft Bite, Gentle Bite, Starlight and more. In return, it will promote the return of skins already known to the community. The Timeless Summer and the Beach Bombardier.

Fortnite: Summer Splash and Fortnite Patch 13.20

Some of the costumes that will arrive at the item store through the Summer Splash event. (Image: Epic Games)

As part of “Summer Splash”, Fortnite has received some items so far. MTL Tiro Certeiro and the arrival, at the item store, of the Demonic Beach and Space Fire cosmetic sets. In this case, the news tend to be disseminated daily or weekly. As well as the thematic missions of the event, which are expected to arrive in the game soon.

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Dota 2: Patch 7.27 available on the Dota 2 Update

Dota 2: Patch 7.27 available on the Dota 2 Update



After the well-known IceFrog promised a new update, that day has finally arrived. The first part of the Dota 2 Update for Patch 7.27 is available, covering a general. Valve decided to split the updates into two parts. This first part focuses mainly on the items. The second part of the Dota 2 Update is about heroes.

This may seem a little strange, but the idea is that players can easily adjust to new changes. That said, here are some of the highlights of this Dota 2 update.

General Changes

The first changes are related to gold and XP. It was a change that had been expected for a long time, Valve pleased the fans, without a doubt. Now, the base experience for killing a hero has been increased to 100 (it was previously 40). The last gold reward achieved by each hero has also been increased (120 + 8 *, instead of 99 + 7.2 *).

In addition, Bounty Runes now provide reliable gold, which is impressive news for everyone. Even if it doesn’t look like much, it will make a lot of difference when it comes to your repurchase. Another change in the game’s gold is the tower reward. Instead of 180 gold, the towers now give 120/140/160/180, which is worth mentioning.

Dota 2: Patch 7.27 available on the Dota 2 Update

The first interesting changes are related to gold and XP. (Image: Dota 2)

The outposts are also changing, and very interesting. If you remember, when this feature was added to the game for the first time, the two teams tried to steal it before the 10-minute mark, for a bonus experience. You will not need to do this, from now on you will not be able to steal this objective until you destroy one of the T2 towers. Also, whenever you capture, it will be revealed to enemies, which did not exist before.

Obviously, there are many more changes to this patch, so check everything out. There are some changes related to some game modes (All Pick & Captain’s Mode).

Item Changes

In addition to the general news, the Dota 2 Update brought several changes to in-game items. We will place here the most notable. As expected, IceFrog decided to create some of the really popular items in patch 7.26. Items like Necronomicon and Helm of the Dominator and Vladimir’s offer were really popular. These, like many others, are now slightly nerfed

Speaking of Items, a notable change is surrounded by the top three starting items. Null talisman, Wraith Band and Bracer. When it comes to statistics, they were nerfed. However, what is really affected by these changes is Bracer. With less statistics, it offers less magical resistance. The idea of this change is to prevent heroes from stacking this item all the time.

Dota 2: Patch 7.27 available on the Dota 2 Update

Information about the changes in the null Talisman, Wraith Band and Bracer. (Image: Valve)

Needless to say, the nerf of this item means that the “middle range nukers” may be back. We won’t be surprised to see heroes like Skywrath Mage and Tinker back on target.

Changes to Late-Game Items

In addition to what we talked about earlier, there are changes to items purchased for the end of the game. The first example is Tarrasque. It will no longer provide 10 Life Regeneration, nor the Regeneration amplification. Instead, it provides a passive 1% HP regeneration. If in case you are out of combat, this item will reward you with a 50% health regeneration. However, the item provides +40 str (it was +45), and the recipe now costs 650. Previously, this item had only 400 gold.

Dota 2: Patch 7.27 available on the Dota 2 Update

Tarrasque has undergone some important changes. (Image: Valve)

A change that was quite unexpected was related to the Monkey King Bar. If you remember a few patches ago, the mechanics of True Strike were slightly changed. Now it seems that Valve has decided to change, instead of requiring a Quarterstaff, you can buy a “Blitz Knuckles”. This is the newest item in Dota 2, which we will see shortly.

In addition, Monkey King Bar now provides 10 less damage (42, instead of 52). However, it provides +35 attack speed, while previously only 10. In addition to these two items, there are also many other small changes to some of the big items. Make sure you check them out carefully so you know what to expect.

The New Item

Even though there are a lot of changes in this Patch, what fans really wanted to see is the newest item. It is called Blitz Knuckles and basically provides +35 attack speed. It only costs 1000 gold, which makes it an efficient choice from the start.

Dota 2: Patch 7.27 available on the Dota 2 Update

Blitz Knuckles is the new item present in Dota 2 Update. (Image: Dota 2)

In addition to a good stats bonus, this item is also part of the Monkey King Bar, as well as the Shadow Blade. Perhaps that item will soon cost more than it costs now. But we’re not sure, this is likely to happen during some minor update.

These are just a few of the highlights, the full patch notes for this update are well worth reading. It seems that 7.27 brought some more changes that will have a real impact on the goal.


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