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Fortnite: Champion Series second week results

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The second week of the Duos Fortnite Champion Series is underway. This is undoubtedly the best attempt to get a chance to participate in the FNCS finals. Even with the classification in the last week, some pairs will continue to perfect their game for better performance. The competition continues normally even after last week some pairs were punished for unfair tactics. Several talented players competed in competitive lobbies this week. Check out the results below in the regions that go to the second week final of the Fortnite Champion Series.

European Semi-Finals

The duo FaZe Mongraal and NRG benjyfishy have been growing, taking first place in the semi-finals at Fortnite Champion Series European Week. They won three Victory Royales with a total of 67 innovative eliminations, for a total of 9 matches. Mongraal and benjyfishy continue to improve a lot and thus sought their first victory.

MCES Andilex and LeStream Nayte closed the top with another great gameplay shown this week. They were just two points below the first pair, dominating all newly introduced Daily Duo Cups areas. The duo 100T MrSavage and IDrop 74 stayed in the TOP 4 and will compete in the final for the second consecutive week on Fortnite Champion Series.

European semi-final results. (Image: Epic)

Eastern Semi-Finals NA

Those known as Innocents and Ajerss, Cheech and cheech, scored 106 points in these semi-finals. In 8 games played, they had 63 eliminations, reminiscent of the performance of the Winter Royale last year. NRG Unknown and BBG Ronaldo came close behind with 101 points and also two Victory Royales on Fortnite Champion Series.

The pair MSF Clix and Vanguard Calc appeared for the first time in the leaderboard, with 3 Victory Royales and 88 points. Many talented teams will play in the final tomorrow. And so, another twenty teams will reach the qualifiers in April.

Eastern Semi-Finals NA results. (Image: Epic)

Western Semi-Finals NA

100T Kyzui and Hokage Domi dominated the two weeks of the Fortnite Champion Series. They won 103 points with 63 eliminations and 4 Victory Royales. The Thomuss and wavyjacob duo followed with 93 points and 66 eliminations. Arkhram and Rehx, 100Thieves players finished in the top 10 on Fortnite Champion Series.

Western Semi-Finals NA results. (Image: Epic)

Oceania Semi-Finals

Conquering 107 points in the first position, Tired and jhk dominated Oceania on Fortnite Champion Series. They won 4 games in total. Caryawn and Volx had a great result in the second position, evolving in relation to the last weekend. The top teams in Oceania will participate in yet another exciting final tomorrow when we see the next round of qualifiers.

Oceania Semi-Finals results. (Image: Epic)

Brazil Semi-Finals

The second week of Fortnite Champion Series in Brazil had a draw of two pairs with 87 points. DC MysticK and DC OPai took first place in the tiebreaker with 4 Victory Royales. They had 10 eliminations less than Lekmaluco and washed, but what mattered was the victories. The highlight of the Fortnite World Cup, king and partner duo rustyk, took third place in the semi-finals.

Brazil Semi-Finals results. (Image: Epic)

Asia Semi-Finals

!ettuce and GW Hamuppi with 95 points and two semifinals of the week managed to secure themselves in the finals. Of the 10 games, they only played 7, however, they won 2 Victory Royales having 51 eliminations. The top 10 in that region will have a chance to complete the Fortnite Champion Series next month.

Asia Semi-Finals results. (Image: Epic)

Middle East Finals

And finally, the duo SAQR QnDx and SAQR Njby after two intense weeks won a position in Fortnite Champion Series and US $ 565 USD. The pair was very consistent, making 55 points with 25 eliminations in 6 matches. The other pair QnDx and Njby won some games of the round in an expressive way. The top ten pairs below will participate in the Fortnite Champion Series qualifiers in the Middle East.

Middle East Finals results. (Image: Epic)


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