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Fallout London: Details of the 7 Factions Revealed



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Fans of Fallout 4 are currently eyeing Fallout London, a DLC-sized mod expansion planned for Fallout 4. As is the case with other Bethesda games like Elder Scrolls 5 and Skyrim, Bethesda will continue to support mods in their games. On the same note, a new video has revealed that the upcoming Fallout 4 mod will have 7 factions.

Made by YouTuber yaboiii, the clip explains that there will be 7 factions and each one will have an intense story. Five of these factions were united to make it possible for the player to join them.

In the Fallout London video, the seven groups were depicted – The Gentry, The Tommies, Camelot, The Isle of Dogs Syndicate, The 5th Column, The Vagabonds, and The Angel. The last five are the ones with which you can make the connection.

Among the factions are the ghostly English royalty, a riot group advocating Democracy, an English human militia guarding London backed by The Gentry, a terrorizing Mafia group, a rival gang, a mysterious cult seeking revolution, and a shady research program acting  like the puppet master.

Fallout London: The Factions of London

In Fallout London, players step into the shoes of a mysterious character who gets discovered in a tank by Angel scientists. The strange character then breaks free from the facility (maybe as the Angels had planned). Players can then be a part of any of the 7 factions they like and impact the future outcomes. 

Apart from these details about the factions, there is an official trailer for the mod. However, no more details are available regarding the upcoming DLC-sized package. As far as the release date is concerned, there have been no announcements.

Some Fallout fans are speculating a surprise release date or a launch during the ongoing “Fallout for Hope” fundraiser. The event is scheduled to last until June 30th, so there's still time for an announcement. 

You can follow Fallout London on Twitter and be updated on the developments.


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