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Fall Guys: the success of Mediatonic’s new battle royale

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the new craze in the gaming world. Released on August 4 for PC (Windows 10 via Steam) and PS4 (available free until September 1 for PS Plus subscribers), the indie game is produced by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. Its simple gameplay, “cotton candy” graphics and memes helped make it a success. In the first 24 hours after its launch, the game already had 1.5 million users.

Fall Guys is already a hit with little release time. (Image: Fall Guys)

The game consists of a competition between 60 players in eliminatory rounds, until a winner. The rounds have different themes: there are thirteen different game modes, chosen at random. Obstacles such as giant balls, pulleys with hammers, moving walls, cylindrical bridges and other shapes inspired by the British gameshow “It's a Knockout”.

Dr. DisRespect, the controversial streamer who was banned and returned last week. He got into the Fall Guys wave in his first broadcast after his return.

The gameplay

The great thing about Fall Guys is to combine very simple gameplay with colorful graphics and without great details. This makes the game attractive to different audiences. It is a battle royale, but without some striking features of the genre. There is no circle that closes on the map and the use of weapons and equipment for example. However, the simplicity of Fall Guys hides how easy it is to be angry at the results of the match, as it is a very simple game to play and also very simple to lose. Any slip can eliminate you, making your effort after arduous rounds to be in vain.

Between prank games, jigsaw puzzles, crazy racing and soccer with a giant ball (which even resembles Rocket League), Fall Guys offers constant chaos to their players. Its fast pace with many colors in view also makes it visibly attractive. Which also justifies so many memes in the game.

The simple graphics and good gameplay is one of the positive aspects of the new game. (Image: fall Guys)

At other times, Fall Guys can take their players seriously, or their players can take each other seriously. The expression “fall guy” refers to someone who is easily deceived, so they always take advantage of him.

Server problems

Fall Guys' success came at a cost. The game does not yet have a server robust enough to support the number of players. This caused several complaints in the matches, mainly on the PC. Mediatonic decided to present players with items available only by microtransactions to players who experienced problems with the server. The developer is still working to bring Fall Guys to other platforms and add crossplay functionality. Thus, players from different platforms participate in the same match.

“We're really sorry for the poor experience today. We kept seeing things improve as we fixed things, but with record numbers of players today, new issues have emerged. We're now moving into maintenance mode so that we can implement a longer-term fix.”

“We're super grateful for your patience, and we can't thank you enough for supporting us through these launch issues. Once everything is back online, we'll be working on extra rewards for you all to show our appreciation. We will post news here as soon as its available!”

Game rewards

Completing all levels, the player will have won a total of five fantasy bottoms, five fantasy tops, seven patterns, two faces, seven colors, two gestures, a celebration, 19,500 credits and three crowns.


The colors are like the skin of the characters, but the choice does not change the face. There are seven colors available: gum, raspberry, citrus, metallic delight, starry night, marine dream and rainbow juice.

Gum, Raspberry, Citrus and Metallic Delight. (Image: André Fauth)


The costumes are worn over the skin and conquered by pairs throughout the Battle Pass. Each is divided between top and bottom, and it is possible to combine two different pairs. For example, use the Hot Dog pants with the head of the Colored Pigeon. Altogether there are five pairs: Colored Pigeon, Hunter, Cracker, Hot Dog and Chicken.

Colorful Pigeon is one of the costumes. (Image: André Fauth)

Pattern and Face

Patterning is the design that covers the character's skin. It is not possible to use more than one at the same time. There are seven patterns existing in the Battle Pass: Hunter, Camouflage, Pirate, Zebrinha, Topology, Cells and Dripping Paint.

Hunter, Camouflage, Pirate and Zebrinha. (Image: André Fauth)

Other rewards

In addition to two gestures and a celebration for use in matches, it is possible to unlock crowns and credits, which can be used to unlock cosmetic items. Credits are earned as you play and move up the Battle Pass or in exchange for real money. Crowns are obtained through victories and the Battle Pass.

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