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Best Creative Maps in Fall Guys

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Best Creative Maps

Fall Guys is an endlessly entertaining battle royale in which beans of all shapes, colors, and sizes compete on various obstacle courses for the pinnacle Fall Guys crown. While Fall Guys offers a great variety of maps and modes in its roster, we're always in search of new experiences. Fortunately, Fall Guys Season 4 introduced Creative Construction, which allows players to create their own levels. As a result, we've compiled a list of the best creative maps in Fall Guys for you to try out. So, whether you're looking for a refreshing experience or simply want to hone your skills, we've got a selection of creative maps to suit everyone's preferences.

8. Woosha Warehouse

Kicking things off with a great map to get the joysticks warm, we have Woosha Warehouse. Posted by Reddit user @lainilly, Woosha Warehouse provides a nice linear challenge that throws everything your way, from moving platforms to sweeping arms and even boxes being hurdled at you. So, if you're just starting your session, Woosha Warehouse is a great map to do it with.

7. Forest Frolic

Since Only Up has been getting a lot of attention lately, we thought we'd bring you a vertically challenging map of the same nature in Fall Guys. Forest Frolic, created by @FallGuy5648 on Reddit, is one of the best creative maps for putting your skills to the test. For this map, you must parkour your way up little platforms to the canopy of this gigantic tree, where the finish line sits. Make one little mistake and you'll fall to the bottom and have to start all over again. So, if you're having trouble controlling your nerves, this map will assist you in performing under pressure.

6. Happy Bean Beat Street

Best Creative Maps

Don't be deceived by the name; Happy Bean Beat Street is no walk in the park. This creative map, made by Reddit user @Disastrous_Ad3106, focuses on navigating narrow balance beams that are surrounded by obstacles. As a result, timing is the name of the game in Happy Bean Beat Street. So, if those swinging hammers and wrecking balls are wreaking havoc in your game, then Happy Bean Beat Street is one of the best creative maps for mastering them.

5. QR Maze

Best Creative Maps

The best part about Fall Guys' Creative Construction is that maps don't have to follow the traditional layout – or any layout for that matter. Therefore, we beans have complete creative control over building new maps. One player that utilized this creative freedom is gooslimg @ Reddit with their QR Maze map, which is one of the most innovative maps we've seen in Fall Guys.

The QR Maze, as you might think, is a perplexing maze in which you must find your way to the finish line. That is the standard challenge, but you can also step it up a notch. Somewhere in the maze is a hidden path that leads you to eggs you need to rescue, adding another layer to the challenge. As a result, this is one of the best creative maps in Fall Guys if you're searching for a new experience that isn't all jumps and dives.

4. Conveyor Climb

Another novel approach comes from Reddit user Prestigious-Yam-7340's Conveyor Climb map. Using only conveyor belts surrounded by obstacles, this map will take you all the way to the top, as long you can stay on the track. may appear simple at first glance, but it's a one-of-a-kind challenge that requires you to position yourself inches from sliding off the map in order to maneuver around some obstacles.

3. Need For Speed

Best Creative Maps

The Need for Speed map by Paullynaz on Reddit is the closest thing you can come to a rollercoaster in Fall Guys. Utilizing a ton of fans, slippery slime, and bouncy pads, the Need For Speed map is like a racetrack that sends you flying through the course. You don't have to do much on your end as you pretty much get propelled through the entire track. Regardless, it's one of the best creative maps for a fun race with your friends.

2. Trivial Encounters

If you consider yourself a Fall Guys pro and find all of these creative maps to be a walk in the park then it's time to put your skills to the test in Trivial Encounters. Posted by Reddit user Indian_assassin_007, Trivial Encounters is a sweaty map that will challenge even the most veteran players. For this map, you have to utilize obstacles in a way you most likely never have before. Furthermore, in order to complete the course, you must thread the needle through a tiny window at the finish line.

1. Ninja Training Course

The Ninja Training Course easily takes the number one spot for the best creative maps in Fall Guys. If you thought the last map was a challenge, then you're in for a whole new beast with the Ninja Training Course. To best this course, you have to execute flawless jumps, grabs, and dodges from start to finish. Safe to say, there is no room for error here. So, be prepared to take on a chaotic cluster of obstacles like you've never seen before in the Ninja Training Course.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other creative maps in Fall Guys you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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